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What voltage should my motor be?

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    I'm making an electric scooter but it's not just your average scooter.
    I'm going to connect it to some solar panels so it can run off of solar energy.

    But since this is my first time experimenting with electrical engineering stuff, I have no idea which motor I should use.
    I'm thinking a 12 volt DC motor but I don't want any mishaps to happens like explosions....I also would like the scooter to go as fast as it can.

    What do you recommend? If you have any other background info on motors or circuits please let me know that as well. Thanks!
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    Your engineering problem has several important aspects to consider. The voltage and current of your motor should match the voltage and current available from your energy source. The motor needs to provide the required torque and rpm for the desired acceleration and velocity. Can the torque and rpm requirements be met in ANY motor that matches the voltage and current available from your energy source? Probably not, if you intend to wire it directly to solar panels. This suggests you may need a battery. Use the solar panels to charge the battery and the battery as the energy source to drive your motor.
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    I didn't even think of that! Thank you so much!
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