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What was your most challenging semester?

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    As the title states. I'd like to hear about all of your most challenging semesters. Things to include: number of classes and credit hours per class; the types of classes; impact it had on your social life; the final outcome.
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    2nd semester freshman year. I was still in the "College of Arts and Sciences" at my school, getting ready to transfer to the "College of Engineering" my sophomore year.


    Chem II for engineers with lab (4 cr.)
    Physics II for physics majors with lab and discussion (5 cr.)
    Computer Science 101 for engineers (3 cr.)
    Differential Equations for engineers (3 cr.)

    Outcome: I did very well, getting (as far as I remember) about a 3.5 for the semester. Impact on my social life? I didn't have much of a social life that semester outside of meeting up with classmates to study. I didn't mind it, though, because I knew I was about to finally start studying engineering and the tough schedule was worth it.
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