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News What will determine your voting decisions?

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Iraq, terrorism, scandal, economics, environmental issues, foreign policy... the party?

    As for me, for the first time I'll be voting the party [which I never understood until now]. Until those in power are dead or gone, I will never vote for another Republican at any level. At this point, I wouldn't elect a Republican as dog catcher.

    When the dems called yesterday asking for donations I could hardly give quickly enough. "YES YES I'LL DONATE!!!! We've already donated but we'll gladly give more".

    BTW, I'm basically a conservative.
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    I am an independent (fiscal conservative, social liberal), and only registered with party affiliations (sometimes D, sometimes R) in order to influence primary races. My wife and I already voted (absentee ballots) and we voted a straight Democratic ticket. We are not going to vote for even deserving Republican candidates again until there are some significant changes in the state and national governments. I want our elected officials - right down to the local level - to know that there is a price to pay for being affiliated with lying warmongers that give my taxes away in the form of huge tax breaks for the wealthy, while digging our children and grandchildren into a debt that they may never be able to repay.
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    Any party that's in too long gets rotten. Sadly that applies to the GOP now. I personally think that's why we have G. W. Bush; he was nobody but he knew people and wanted to be president and the party backed him to please its leaders, not because he was, even to them, a credible candidate.

    It's time to put the Dems definitely in power for a few terms. I don't think they have enough rapport with the average voter to stay for long, but get the bad GOP fellows out of there and let the party regenerate itself in the wilderness.
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    I am registered "decline to state", that way I can request the primary ballot of my choice. Just received my absentee ballot and will send it off next week.

    For the national election I am voting for the Democrats. For the state I will vote for the individual. I would have voted for Schwarzenegger, he made mistakes, admitted them and has moved to address them. One mistake he made though, that I cannot overlook however is when he campaigned for Bush, that IMO is unforgivable.

    I also intend to volunteer to make get out the vote calls for Democrats across the country. I would have supported the Dem's regardless of candidate, just to restore some balance get a little oversight. Fortunately the Dem's have for the most part, put forth some very good candidates, so I feel good about vounteering my support.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Same here except that I'm not even a social liberal in some respects.

    1) For the declaration that you are either with us or against us.

    2) For seeking to undermine the Constitution of the United States.

    3). Invasion of Iraq based on poor or intentionally misleading evidence

    4). Misrepresenting many issues of national security including the true identity of the enemy.

    5). Failure to prosecute the war on terror [ports, borders, Bin Laden]

    6). Misuse of the National Guard; leaving the US vulnerable [see Katrina]

    7). Failure to protect the citizens of the United States during a crisis – Katrina - due to misuse of the National Guard.

    8). Failure to honor commitments made to our fighting men and women.

    9). Alienating our closest allies during a “time of war”.

    10). Attempting to remove all of our State's national guard fighter jets – our last line of defense - during a “time of war”.

    11). Failure to provide qualified leadership. Rummy, Chertoff, Michael Brown, Harriet Miers, and it seems a good percentage of Bush’s appointees are either an embarrassment and or disaster; usually both.

    12). Failure to honor the Geneva Conventions

    13). Secret prisons

    14). The use of torture [I still can’t believe that this is even a discussion].

    15). Failure to properly monitor and control prisons for POWs.

    16) Failure to protect the borders of the US. [the Mexican border; a huge issue with the Dems as well for me]. This is the primary job of the federal government, and they have failed.

    17). Failure to protect the sovereignty of the US by allowing and covertly supporting the use of illegal immigrant workers.

    18). Failure to protect US jobs by Failing to enforce equitable trade practices.
    ……..For protecting corporate interests over the interests of US citizens.

    19). For being the biggest spenders in history. Fiscal conservatives? What a joke - the joke to nowhere?

    20). For Tom Delay and all that he brought to the table, and to a lesser degree, the rest of the scandals.

    For staying the course in spite of the facts, for dividing my country as I have never seen before, for the playground bully tactics referred to as US foreign policy, and for everything above, anyone who still calls them self a Republican is by definition undeserving of my vote. Now would be a good time for a new party to represent sane conservatives who also support and defend the Constitution.
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  7. Oct 14, 2006 #6


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    If I could (and I can't), I'd vote for the minority candidate (unless s/he was a complete moron) because the way the ruling party has sacrificed truth and competence in the name of faith (read intellectual sloth) and loyalty (read "yesmanship") disgusts me. That, and the total erosion of individual rights that this supposedly conservative administration has administered...
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  8. Oct 14, 2006 #7
    I'm voting for the guy with the best hair and family photo, because isnt that what really matters?
  9. Oct 14, 2006 #8
    Ivan, your list is very good, but it has some odd surprises in it. You blatantly omitted some of the worst atrocities -

    -the abuse of putting political nominees in charge of critical agencies (FEMA, CDC - see the recent article in Nature),

    -the censoring and manipulation of scientific information (NOAA, NASA); putting ideological interests above scientific investigation

    -the wasteful no-bids contracts awarded to political allies,

    -pursuing a destructive agenda of fundamentalism (attack on biology on religious grounds, manipulation of FDA approvals on religious grounds, financial benefits for Christian organizations);

    -other political attacks on constitutional protections (establishment clause, flag burning (Democrats are also guilty here), illegal searches, the "Patriot" Acts);

    -lack of action on most critical national security issues - economic competitiveness, nuclear proliferation in former Soviet Bloc, the major foreign policy issue of Russia (internal instability, trade conflicts with EU and ex-Soviet bloc); FP towards North Korea; FP toward China and Taiwan; FP towards major Middle East powers (duh); disease control (HIV, influenza, drug-resistant TB...); or global climate change. Any one of these simply dwarfs the media-friendly issues (terrorism and terrorism.)

    edit to add two more:

    -oh yeah, and supporting the quarter-trillion dollar missile defense out of political interests. Is there no one in Congress brave enough to point out, that it doesn't actually do anything?

    -extreme corruption at all levels (especially Abramoff-Rove, unscrutinized no-bids contracts, Richard Armitage-Valerie Plame...)

    -unprecedented secretiveness beyond Nixon's imagination; hiding their misdeeds in the guise of "national security"

    edit one more time:

    -Attacking important physics funding, largely to fund the next item:

    -The politically-inspired plan of spending $10^N (where N will be between 11 and 13) to send a large monkey to Mars in a space suit.

    So you see Ivan, there's a lot you left out.
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  10. Oct 14, 2006 #9
    HELLO, hair do????
  11. Oct 14, 2006 #10

    Ivan Seeking

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    I agree. I was just picking my top five, then ten, then twenty... had to stop somewhere.
  12. Oct 14, 2006 #11
    Rick Perry is running for Governor of Texas and can't be bothered with politics right now.
  13. Oct 14, 2006 #12
    http://www.houstontech.org/attachments/files/617/rickperry-headshot-smaller%20(2).jpg [Broken]

    Damn,......that is good hair.....
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  14. Oct 15, 2006 #13


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    This is probably the first election that party has even figured into my decision - at least for the House race. Still, I vote for a lot, lot more Republicans than Democrats and register as a Republican. This election, I was looking for a chance to vote a Democrat into the House - the DeLay wing of the Republican party has to go.

    Still, the individual candidate and what they can do for the area where I live takes priority.

    It wouldn't have made sense to vote against Hefley since he's one of the Republicans that stood up against the DeLay faction - and it got him yanked off of the House Ethics Committee.

    I don't think I could have voted against his hand-picked successor either (Hefley's retiring). Hefley had smoothed the way too well and this would be an almost seamless transition for our community.

    There were a couple of candidates running for the Republican nomination that I would probably vote for in normal times, but would vote against just because of the problems with Repubican leadership in the House.

    As things turned out, I wouldn't vote for the person that wound up winning the Republican nomination even in normal times, so party still doesn't really come into play.
  15. Oct 31, 2006 #14

    Ivan Seeking

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    We vote by mail here in Oregon so I voted today. I wondered if deep down I would be torn at the last minute. I have always voted for the person and according to the issues, and not by the party. But when I voted a straight Democratic ticket tonight, it felt like a celebration!

    The Republicans are no longer the party of conservatives.
  16. Nov 1, 2006 #15
    I am not American, but I don't vote. I refuse to endorse the idea that my country should have a leader. I'm an anarchist.
  17. Nov 1, 2006 #16
    In the past, I simply voted for that candidate that I felt was going to lose the election. In this way I tried to prevent landslides. However, in this election I will vote issues. The main one is our policy in Iraq. The choices are "No plan" vs. "Bad plan". I could really get behind any candidate that suggested we bring regional powers (even ones we don't like) into the process and rapidly shift responsibility to them.
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  19. Nov 1, 2006 #18


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    Many who did not evacuate, could not evacuate, because they had very little money, and certainly not enough to take a bus (assuming buses were running), nor afford a hotel room. During the evacuation, people found that their prior hotel reservations had been cancelled and the rooms were being rented at much higher rates. I know people who had to go beyond Houston, some to San Antonio in order to get hotel rooms. Many of poor from the 9th Ward simply don't know anyone outside of that area of the country - that's what being poor is all about.

    The federal government was supposed to ensure that the City of New Orleans would be safe. That's why the $billions spent on flood wall, dikes, etc. But clearly that was not enough. And there is certainly failure on the part of the City and State. The hurricane did not directly hit New Orleans, but passed to the east, hitting toward Biloxi, MS. However, the tidal surge in Lake Ponchatrain and into the various canals overwhelmed the structures, which were not properly constructed, and likely not properly designed.
  20. Nov 1, 2006 #19

    Ivan Seeking

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    Many people died horrible deaths because the equipment needed to rescue them was in Iraq. We have four branches of service to fight wars overseas, but as indicated by the name, the "National Guard" is supposed to protect us; not Iraqis.

    During what is described by Bush as a time of great danger for the U.S., after we were hit on our own soil on 911, what sort of man would ship out our homeland defenses to fight overseas? And beyond that, Rummy wanted to take all of our guard jets away, here in Oregon. Only after the Governer [a Democrat] intervened was the relocation stopped.

    If this situation is really so critical then why hasn't Bush called for a draft? Even with troops severly overburdened, even while we are unable to maintain control in Iraq, even though our southern border is wide open, even with Bin Ladin still on the loose, there is not even a mention of acting like this is really a war. It makes me wonder if he really intends or ever intended to fight the war on terror.
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  21. Nov 1, 2006 #20
    Couldn't agree with you more, protecting the people here in the country should be our first priority.

    It really is sad what happened. I was actually born in Biloxi, haven't been back since I was under a year old. I watched a special on the history channel about the levvies in New Orleans. Not only did they use flood projection data from, I think, around the 50's, they did not properly take into consideration the status of the soil that the levvies structure was dependent upon.
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