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What would happen if a solar storm struck us on July 16th 2014

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    If you guys still haven't heard by now, Earth narrowly missed a solar storm by a week on July 2012. Let's say the storm happened earlier on July 16th, in which we'd be directly hit. How different would our lives be? Where would we be today?


    Personally, I was in Nanjing, China, a city of 3.5 million, on July 16, and was within a week of returning back to the US. I was with my dad and my grandparents. My family in the US, in contrast, lives in a suburban town. My mom and sister were there at the time. I assume if the storm happened, I'd be stranded in China for a long time. How long would you guys say I'd be stuck there, and what would I witness and how much difficulty would I face? I know food and water would probably be more difficult, might I actually starve or die of thirst, or might the Chinese government be able to pull off some relief effort for the cities? And would I be witnessing anarchy and possibly martial law? I assume that my family back home would fare better than I would, but if so, by how much? I'm really curious as to how different my life would've been if that catastrophe happened.
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