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Where are the Linear Generators?

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    I have been intigued by the linear generator concept. No one has really seemed to take this idea further. Maserati is integrating them into shock absorbers, and some have applied them to generate electricity from waves.

    But where are these generators, can you buy them, or look at the specifications of efficiency, voltage output, etc? price?

    some guidance would be appreciated.
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    Interesting. The only one I've seen are those "shake and charge" flashlights.
    Wasn't aware the concept was used elsewise. Good find. Maybe others can comment.
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    I wouldn't think there would be much of a market for off-the-shelf linear generators. It seems to me they would all be customized to the application.
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    Would you happen to know a company which produces them for specific applications?
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    Look at the rack and pinion ocean-wave-buoy generator on page 2 of (4.3 MB file)

    http://www.libertyparkusafd.org/lp/BuildingGreenUSA/Ocean%20Power/Ocean%20Wave%20Energy.pdf [Broken]

    Bob S
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