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Where can i find binary tree recursion manual

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    where can i find a tutorial on binary tree recursion

    i searched in google:
    Code (Text):

    and there is no tutorials for this kind of stuff

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    how about this?


    I found it with a search for "recursive binary tree."

    [added] Hmmm, I get that when I search for "binary tree recursion" too, so you've probably found that already. If that's not the kind of thing you're looking for, maybe it would help if you tell us in more detail what you are looking for. :confused:
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    i found it too
    there is a a question of transforming a binary tree into a doubly linked list
    there is no explanation to the C solution
    i am looking for the process of building such function
    so i could do it my self
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    Scan the tree in order (essentially the same as printtree() in the link from above), and as you get each element, append it to the doubly link list.
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    whats the difference between the word "append" and "join" ?

    they appear as different functions in this link
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