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Where can I find counter-claims to David Cole's documentary?

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    It's the one that's in three parts, and says Auschwitz. He also mentions some things on the Phil Donahue video that don't get answered. Is there a place that counters his claims?
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    I don't think talk about Holocaust denying is allowed here.
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    Not even to find counter-claims? Where else can I find them? According to their site no one has countered any of their arguments, so I think ignoring them isn't the right thing to do. To shut up deniers we need to use facts against them, ignoring them makes them think they are right. Proof of this is in the Phil Donahue video, no one even answered their questions, so they get off thinking they are right.
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    You can go ahead change people, I would go sleep ..
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    Well let's put it this way. Let's say someone who is just interested in the truth sees these videos, and finds no site offering counters to these claims. Then he thinks this is some conspiracy against the truth? Then holocaust denial becomes something less ideological and more based on skewed facts? Do we really want to increase the amount of holocaust deniers by not giving them a fair debate? Locking them in prisons, like they do in Canada and some other places, isn't the right thing to do anyway. What about what Voltaire's attitude of fighting for people's rights to say how they feel? Sure, we don't want Nazis out there spreading propaganda, but what if someone is genuinely interested in this subject?

    I've heard there were evidences of the Zyklon B traces argument being debunked, but the fact that I'm having trouble locating the source scares me that this info isn't widely available as is holocaust denial videos.
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    dratsab, if you're really interested in finding sources that debunk the Holocuast-deniers, then don't be lazy, do the research yourself, and publish the results here! :wink:
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    That's because such arguments are rediculous and not worthy of even being debunked.
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    Exactly, it's too ridiculous to even read.

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