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Where do I Work, With Such a Crazy Combiation?

  1. Jun 17, 2009 #1
    I have adeep interest in evironmental studies, astrophysics, and, aeronautics.
    So, I was wondering where I could be heading to with such a crazy combination of subjects.
    Is there any industry which may use all three? Which university should I go to, to be able to study all of these together. I know the combo is crazy, but, this is really what I want.

    If not, what other emerging industries are there, in which I could work (with any degree, not the courses stated above). I want work that is interesting, demanding, and high-paying.
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    it is impossible to get such a crazy combination
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    I'm guessing if by environmental you're including geology, there's probably some scientific work in atmospheric modeling + data gathering (satellites, weather balloons, etc) etc. Having to do with CO2 emission modeling.

    Or you could do planetary atmospheric research, like moons of saturn, mars, etc. methane or whatnot cloud formation. Thats a bit of a hot topic with all the new data coming in from probes at Titan (moon of saturn with methane seas).

    Id assume the above would include scientists from every realm (atmospheric, geology, modeling, engineering, cosmology, and so forth).
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    D H

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    ... or you could become an adult and learn to make hard choices. A lot of kids have dreams of being a fireman and an astronaut and President of the United States, all at once. At various points in ones life one has to make hard choices. Learning how to do that and how to live with those choices with no regrets is a big part of growing up.

    That said, there is absolutely nothing to stop you from pursuing apparently conflicting goals. You can easily achieve two out of three of your interests by pursuing a career in astrophysics or aeronautics as your vocation and volunteering with an environmentally aware group as your avocation.
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    If you're at an engineering school, you can study all these subjects in some way or the other -- as electives. It may also be the broadest way of studying different things. For instance if you're up to it, you could study aerospace engineering, take electives in physics and environmental sciences. But I don't know if you're really into engineering. You could also do physics proper but I reckon it'll be a long time before you can get a chance to work on all three areas that way. I suppose that to a NASA team (for example), an astrophysicist and an aeronautical engineer are equally important.
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    Gosh, guys, that was a whole lot of awesome suggestions! You're great!!

    Yes, by enviromental studies, I am reffering to geology. I think atmospheric modeling does sound good, but targeting NASA as a vocation while going into voluntering using my knowledge of environmental studies sounds better.

    Even so, 'sounding' and doing are miles apart... getting into NASA isn't a joke, and moreover, I don't know which college to go for.

    Actually, I'm in 9th grade right now, and in India. If I somehow gain entry into IIST (for that, I'll have to get into the merit list of the IIT-JEE, which, has a selection percentage of only 2%, and don't forget the amount of people who give the exam, which easily enters the hundred thousands) I can get a B.Tech in Avionics, Aerospace, and a B.Sc in physical science (with specialised applications in the areas of Astronomy, Earth System Science, Astro-Physics, Planetary Sciences and Remote Sensing). After that, I work in ISRO for five years, and after that, I might somehow gain entry into NASA.

    Or, I can go abroad to study, and then pursue NASA.

    What should I do? Where do I study?
  8. Jun 22, 2009 #7
    Nice, good to know you're thinking seriously about your future in class 9. I would say that you should strengthen your physics, chemistry and math for the next 2 years, and look to prepare for the JEE if you're interested. You can take up an engineering major or the integrated masters program in physics at IITK. Either way, you will be exposed to a fair amount of engineering and you will have all these options as electives to choose from while studying. I can only speak for the physics program at IITK, but there are equivalent programs at other IITs and the IISERs. Dunno much about IIST..thats a new place.

    Don't worry about merit lists and 2% selection criteria..forget about it and study hard. All that matters only after you've taken the JEE. Keep up your interest and motivation..you will be fine.

    NASA was merely an example of an organization that has science and engineering so tightly knit. Most probably to work there you will have to be a US citizen..I don't know. Anyway, you will do well to have a doctorate in your area of pursuit to be considered useful (generally) whether its engineering or science. You will have lots of options on the way to choose your specializations, majors, minors, etc. For now, you should just enjoy science and read up as much as you can about whatever interests you. You will do just fine!
  9. Jun 23, 2009 #8
    Thank you
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