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(?) Where do *untrained* ideas go?

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    I have only an informal [self-]education in physics. But I have a number of ideas regarding the theories of the universe that I'd like to have gently beaten up by those formally trained.

    To see where the bodies were buried, so to speak.

    I am unable to see a forum that seem the right place for "empirical beginner attempting non-beginner ideas". I certainly don't want to jump in and muddy the waters of the forums by accident.

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    Unfortunately, Physics Forums is probably not the ideal place for what you wish to achieve. We could refer you to some other forums that are better suited to handling your situation.

    One place that comes to mind is: scienceforums dot net, though I haven't checked them out in a long time, so am unfamiliar with their current policies. Maybe others here can give you better suggestions.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    If you want to know where the bodies are buried you will probably need to do a lot of studying - perhaps ten or twelve years worth. You could ask specific questions about existing theory if you wish to understand what we know or think we know. Wouldn't it make sense to understand what we already know before trying to blaze new trails?

    You are not allowed to push your theory here, but we have a lot of people who know a great deal about physics. Many of our members have a Ph.D. in physics [or some other subject of science], so it is a great place to learn.
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    Without asking questions regarding my current understandings? Perhaps the phrase asking to gently beat up my ideas means I have established theories based on hooey and I challenge you all to disprove them? Regardless, I'll need to rephrase at least.

    Ok, you've launched directly into two assumptions here that are unwarranted, that seem at least slightly emotionally charged. I would like to clear this up so that I can feel that my original question is properly asked.

    1. Blaze new trails. Not attempting that, nor did I imply it. I am attempting to understand where the existing formalized concepts do not adhere to my current ideas. Substitute "understandings" for "ideas" if you believe I am postulating unfounded nonsense, but that should not be required. Ideas do not forum in a vacuum, they are formed from 35 years of listening, reading and gathering information from out-of-the-box thinkers.

    2. Push my theory. Not attempting that, nor did I imply that either. These are not theories, but ideas. I have no "theory". My notions, or sub notions, are not pulled out of thin air, and are not ever to be intended to be "here is how I believe it to be". A better rendition of what I'm taking about is might be better phrased "does the current thinking allow for X?" or "which of the standard models (even if all) fly in the face of X?"

    So I'm sorry if I was unclear before, but your reply does show that my intent was not properly read or at least conveyed by me.
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    Ok, thanks, good idea: I'll go have a look. Not at all clear if what I want to achieve is understood but you've given me a good place to look. I'll go check it out.

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