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Where does friction come from?

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    I am supposed to write a 1 page essay on the origin of friction. I simply do not understand the question. I tried looking up an explanation but I didn't find any thing that I understood. If anyone could explain this to me I would greatly appreciate it!
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    Stephen Tashi

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    Do you know what atoms and molecules are?
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    Tips for your research: when you search include the names "Leonardo da Vinci," "Guillame Amontons," and "Charles-Augustin de Coulomb." These three individuals did pioneering work on friction. Leonardo da Vinci is often not cited because he did not publish anything on friction, but he is arguably the first person to systematically analyze friction in machines.
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    good question, I think it comes from the rigidness of the particles/molecules on the surface. Because the molecules/particles have different heights above the surface it causes friction, I think. because I know that is why the coefficient of static friction is greater than the coeficient of kinetic fricion
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