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News Where in the world is it safe to travel?

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    This article is based on information from the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs. Strangely, Canada itself is not classified, I guess because it's information for Canadians. One surprise is Japan which is ranked two levels below the safest, indicating some areas are unsafe. I always thought Japan was an exceedingly safe country.

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    When the website comes up, click on the map. That will bring up a larger, interactive version of the map. From there you can click on any country for more details about the travel recommendations to that country (if any extra details exist).

    In the case of Japan, the details given include:
    Regional warnings: Avoid all travel to the areas around the Fukushima nuclear power plant, in particular the districts and towns that have been designated as exclusion zones by the Japanese authorities.​
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    Right! Thanks. I discovered that right after I posted. I was thinking in terms of violence and human rights violations.
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    Interesting. I would not have considered environmental factors like that when considering travel safety.
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    Yeah, and while we're at it, steer clear of the Grand Canyon - it's a death trap!
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    Japan is extremely safe for visitors. I've worked there and visited many times and just like everywhere there are places to go if you like to live dangerously.


    Once you leave the major cities in America it's as safe as most of the world.
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    Antarctica is marked green. This must be is for Canadians.
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    We're not comfortable in tropical locales such as Bulgaria.
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    When considering "travel" one should take into account the origin of the subject word.
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    If you would want to travel to Asia, I suggest you do to Japan, South Korea, Hongkong, Australia, Singapore. If you can't afford their high living standards, traveling to third world countries like India or some other South East Asian countries (Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam) is probably good.
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    "Oz" would be my top pick on the list. (most anywhere with cold beer would do as a second choice) :wink:
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    Hello. Is it ok to bump old threads like this. :wink:
    • I noticed it was 2013, now 2016. Just curious. Thank you since I am very new here.
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    Bumping old threads is confusing, especially for a thread about travel safety like this which changes so much.

    Thread closed. If someone wants to start a discussion about safe places to travel, they should do research and post CURRENT information.
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