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Where I've Been For The Past Three Days

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    I'm sure everyone missed me during my little vacation away from physicsforums. I went to Embry-Riddle in Daytona for the South-Eastern ACM Programming Compeition. Here is a little outline of my weekend:

    1) Left Miami at around 11:30 AM Eastern on Friday
    2) Ate at a Burger King in a Florida Turnpike Rest Area
    2) Got to Daytona at around 5:00 PM
    3) Checked in at a Days Inn
    4) Pickupped contest t-shirts and ate pizza at Embry Riddle
    5) Went back to Days Inn and played football
    6) Dinner at Hops. Had A half rack of ribs
    7) Again went back to hotel and talked computers until 1:00AM
    8) Got up at 7:00AM on Saturday
    9) Left for Embry Riddle at 8:00AM
    10) Ate a doughnut for breakfest
    11) Had practice with teammates
    12) Ate Brownies and prezetals for lunch.( Main course was crap)
    13) Went to competion
    14) Solved 1 Problem in 5 Hours(Just Crap)
    15) Had baked ziti for dinner
    16) Went to award ceremony( Didn't get anything)
    17) Went back to hotel
    18) Went to Hooters to watch the world series.( Marlins WON!)
    19) Watched colleages and professor down many pitchers of beer.
    20) Drove everyone back to hotel
    21) At the hotel a couple people went to a gasoline store to get a twelve pack
    22) Finished twelve pack. I drove two people to another gas store( the other one closed) and got another 12 pack.
    23) Went to bed at 3:30AM
    24) Got up just before check out
    25) Ate breakfast at ihop.
    26) Went to Cape Canaveral Beach
    27) Got back home at around 8:00 PM on Sunday

    Wow, what a school trip!
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    28)you won the brain teaser 60
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