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Where should I ask about mathematical problems with Riemann curvature tensor

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    I have come about few mathematical problems related to Riemann Tensor analysis while learning General Relativity. Should I ask these questions in this section or in the homework section. They are pretty hard!!!
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    If they're actual homework for a class you're taking, you should ask them in the appropriate homework forum.

    If you're trying to learn GR on your own, not as part of a class, and you have questions about things you're not sure of you can ask them here, but the homework forum template is still a good guide to follow if you want helpful answers: for example, if you're not sure why a certain property holds, don't just ask why it's true, show your own efforts to either prove or disprove it, and where you got stuck.
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    If the problems are for a graduate level class, I believe you are allowed to ask them here even if they are homework. If it's an undergraduate class, use the homework forums.

    The guidelines have changed slightly, but it looks like this is still the case:


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    That works, Thanks!
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