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Where's Moonbear?

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    She was here when I left. I wanted to talk to her, but it appears she's not around and other people are doing her job. What happened?
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    that's a bit weird isn't it? Has anyone heard anything? I know when I disappear all of a sudden I'm usually in jail, but I don't have the time to say good bye. So that's probably not what happened to moonbear.
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    did she say anything in the mentor's forum? I'm not much of a blood hound, but she works with stinky animals so maybe I can track her. Does she want to be found though? I've always thought moonbear had a lot of common sense, especially when she agreed with me. I've also always thought she has a stubborn streak and once she decides something it stays decided. So she probably isn't coming back.
    someone here did something. I don't know who or what, but I can see who said good bye and who didn't. Maybe good byes were said in the mentor's room, I don't know. but since no one is talking I'll just go on brooding and making stuff up.
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    tribdog, as was said in the other thread: if Moonbear would have wanted to say something to you or anyone else on the forum, she would have. Obviously Moonbear did not want the reasons for her departure to be discussed in public, why can't you just respect those wishes?

    Stop poking around and leave it be, tribdog.
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