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Which book is the best for a beginner of condensed matter physics ?

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    I am a Junior in an university , majoring in Applied Physics ,and I find I have a interest in condensed matter physics ,espacially about Superconductivity ,Nanotechnology,Low temperature phases and the like ,but in my curriculum , there is no such course like this , so I want to know which book is suitable for me ?:smile:
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    Itroduction to Condensed MAtter Physics. Duan & Guojun
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    kittel's introduction to solid state physics is widely used.
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    another vote for Kittel.
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    Ashcroft and Mermin is very comprenshive, Kittel is excellent too
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    Charles Kittles's Introduction to Solid State Physics contains the clear
    description of the concepts in traditional Solid State Physics.
    The another modern description of Condensed Matter Physics is by Michael P. Marder , it is a new and very excellent book, it contains the new development in condensed matter physics.
    Ashcroft and Mermin's book is more advanced, it seems not suitable for
    reading for junior students.
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    Condensed matter physics takes a lot of funamental ideas and roles them into a theory for many-particle interacting systems. Thus to start off with a specific text book on condensed mater physics it is often difficult to see why approaches are made the way they are presented. In general you would need to know the basic of statistical mechanics and quantum theory. Combining these two subjects pretty much gives us condensed matter physics, especially if you wish to understand critical exponents and the like for description of phase transitions.
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    good to here that you are interested in Superconductivity, you are a junior, study calculous first... I am studying Superconducting Physics in graduate school, maths is the most important. good luck
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    I think getting a sound grounding in thermal physics and quantum physics is pretty important. Kittel is widely used but it is not necessarily the kindest book for introductory solid state physics.

    "Band Theory and and Electronic Properties of Solids" by John Singleton is pretty good.
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    I use marder's book. i think the presentation is very challenging. hard even for graduate students. my professor always get tutorial questions from marder's book, and they are so damn hard. just look at the exercises at the end of each chapter.
  12. Sep 14, 2006 #11
    I think Ashcroft's book present better concept for junior students
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