Which class to take - geohydrology, GIS or geomorphology

  1. i'm a sophomore in university, declared geology major last semester, took the 2 100-level pre-reqs (historical geology and intro to physical geology).

    i'm going to take one geology course this semester. im relatively new to geology.

    which would be better for me of the three: geohydrology, GIS or geomorphology. all at 200-level.

    which of the three is the most advanced and which of the three is the most basic?
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    maybe what you should really be asking is ..... which of those 3 interests you the most ?
    or what end result you are aiming for in your studies.
    At 100 and 200 level, you need to be getting a very broad background across the whole field of geology
    in the end, for a degree, you are probably going to need a reasonable background understanding in all 3, plus a good few other related subjects.

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    An academic counselor or professor in the program would be the one to ask as courses vary from school to school
  5. For me, geomorphology would be the most basic of the three. I would recommend an academic counselor or professor too. Make good friends with those people (particularly the professors)... :)
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