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Which crystal dissolves in only hot water and recrystalize on cooling

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    Dear all!

    Somebody, please tell me which crystal is soluble in hot water but not in cold water.

    I am looking for some crystalline chemicals which are strong enough to bind something like glass beads. As I mentioned, it should be highly soluble in hot water (or change in to liquid on high temperature) but should not be soluble in water in normal condition of temperature and pressure.

    I am afraid I might be able to find such materials (or such material in reasonable price) or not.

    Thanks in advance
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    There are plenty of substances with solubility changing the way you describe, question is whether they will work gluing your marbles together.
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    jim mcnamara

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    You are probably going to have use some type of adhesive/glue.

    Jewelers use cyanonacrylate glues (superglue) extensively to attach semi-precious gems to a bezel, for example. And this type of glue will attach to glass.

    There are solvents/debonders for these glues - see Section 5 in the link below.

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    Borek and Jim thank you.

    I am looking for something like Borek wrote. Could you share some idea Borek? Let me describe my problem. Say, I have a sack full of glass beads (0.5 mm). I would like to inject the chemical in the form of solution(dissolved in hot water). I want this solution to crystallize on cooling and bind the glass beads on sack. Is it possible?

    Thank you once again.

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    In most cases, if it crystallizes, it will be still mixed with water. Is that what you want?

    Does it have to be dissolved in water? Isn't it enough that it solidifies?

    Do you want to be able to dissolve it later?

    I don't have any particular substances on mind, but there are plenty of reasons that can make the result different from what you want to achieve.
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