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Diffusion of ions through different temperature bodies of water

  1. Jul 14, 2014 #1
    I'm currently doing a research project on diffusion. I've been thinking about how soluble gases can dissolve at higher concentrations in a colder liquid than a hot liquid.

    If there are two connected containers, one with hot water and the other with cold water, and the cold container contained a high concentration of dissolved gas, would the ions in the cold container diffuse into the warmer container because of the concentration gradient? How does the temperature of water in both containers impact the diffusion?

    Additionally, if the solute in both containers is at its maximum concentration, yet the concentration of the solute in both containers is different (b/c the water containers differ in temperature), will the solute diffuse from high concentration (i.e. the cold container) to low concentration (i.e. the hot container)? Will some of the solute become released from the hot container as a result of over saturation from this diffusion?


    Many thanks to anyone who answers these questions.
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    Yes. But, what is the nature of how the containers are connected? This will affect things. Also, are the liquids within the containers being agitated?
    Just as you'd expect. The local diffusion coefficient will vary with spatial position as a result of the temperature variations. The local mass flux will be equal to the temperature-dependent diffusion coefficient times the local concentration gradient.

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