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Which EE field is more applicable in industry?

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    I’m about to start my masters in EE and I need to choose a major and minor out of the EE fields listed below. I’ve already chosen Solid State & MEMS as my major, but I can’t decide what to minor in! Help please?

    Which of these fields within EE is most applicable in industry? Which field would get me employed outside of academia or without going all the way for a phd?

    - Embedded Systems
    - Integrated Circuits
    - Electromagnetics
    - Photonics/Plasma
    - Solid State & MEMS
    - Communication Systems
    - Control Systems
    - Signal Processing

    I did my undergrad in physics, so Electromagnetics or Photonics/Plasma would probably be the easiest for me, but I’m not sure how useful these fields would be in industry….

    I’m thinking of going for Embedded Systems or Integrated Circuits just because they sound very traditional (hence more applicable to industry?). Then again, Control Systems also sounds quite broad and applicable to a huge range of things…What do you guys suggest?
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    Integrated circuits. If you are good in EM, look into RF and Microwave. Everything is done in an integrated circuits.
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