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Which engineer should I become?

  1. Sep 29, 2010 #1
    Chemical - 3 years left highest starting salary. Big city school i like
    Electrical - 2 years left 60k starting salary. Big city school i like
    Mining - 2.5 years left 65k starting salary. Small city meh

    I am interested in all three if you wanna advise to chose the one I am most interested in. Seems like biotech is gonna be the next big industry, chem eng might help me in that. Also I guess chem engs also utilized in mining industry. Right now I am going with electrical. Electrical also seems to be one of those universal engineering degrees that is useful virtually in all industries. Both are needed also if I wanna eventually supervise and own my own factory. Mining: really good placement after graduation. I am kinda interested in moving to a third world country and do a mine. I could swallow living in hick small town for 2 years. All three is workable thus starting salary and opportunities are important.

    Or should I stick with EE and go for Chem E and then MS in mining? Then I'd be 32. Mind you I am going for 26 this year. Yes, started college late.

    I am not gonna ask what I need to do cus you won't be able to answer.

    What would YOU choose? and why
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  3. Sep 30, 2010 #2
    How will you finish an EE degree so much quicker than a ChemE degree?
  4. Sep 30, 2010 #3
    btw, I'm a ChemE, but that's due in part to my home province (Alberta = oil sands = I can make money without having to move).
  5. Sep 30, 2010 #4
    I have 65 credits left for EE degree

    For ChemE maybe 85
  6. Sep 30, 2010 #5


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    I would go with whatever field I enjoyed the most and (hopefully) was best at.
  7. Oct 2, 2010 #6
    Im a ChemE, I would say Chemical is equally "universal" as electrical, probably even more so. You really can do everything with it.
  8. Oct 2, 2010 #7
    I wouldnt choose this. You are going to be doing whatever job you choose for 40 years. If you "could swallow living in hick small town for 2 years" it really doesnt seem like you are that into it.
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