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Which is better ?

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    More and more people from North America and Europe come and work in Japan, so I'd like to know this, Among US, Canada, Japan, which is the best place (living standard, education, human relationships) ?
    Thank you
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    With the internet it doesn't matter which part of the world you are located... dot com has no boundaries.
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    I've traveled a bit in my time as a kid, not to Japan or Canada, but my point is you can get used to living anywhere.

    Japan attracts a lot of orientophiles. Go there because you actually want to, not because it would be "cool" to tell your friends you live in Japan. Not saying you would, but a lot of people are like that...

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    oh i live in japan ah hah hah hah *the guy is really in oklahoma*

    human realations wise, if you are going to be in asia, as an asian, i say you better learn the customs of respect or not bother going there at all. a rude person will make anyone over there dislike you for your attitude/actions. even if you get every custom wrong but you still try to respect them as best you can they will accept you.

    education wise, asian countries are very tough. a teacher over there gets paid double what a teacher in the US does. they are very respected.

    living conditions wise, if you dont mind walking alot or sharing bathing areas and whatnot then your okay. the whole bathing area sharing thing is only in some places though if your in a larger place then you wont worry as much.
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    All I can say about Japan is...you couldn't pay me enough money to live there.

    All I hear is horror stories about the place.

    There is a reason why they all come here and none of us go there.

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    In a nutshell, going to Asia seems like a wise idea for those educated.
    Since the birth rate is about 1.4 per single woman that means the birth rate and children born is drastically low. This is a current social problem in Asia. Therefore since people aren't being born, more cash can flow among people in Asia.

    However, with current feminist revolution occuring in Japan where women no longer wish to be housewives, you will have the same thing America is coming to. However, the difference is the birth rate. There aren't that many people being born, people are getting divorces because women want freedom.
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    I thought divorce rates are going up because men want freedom. :grumpy:

    How does getting married affect your freedom? It was your choice to get married to the one you love. If things fall apart naturally, then the divorce did not occur because someone wants freedom. If you wanted complete freedom in the beginning, then do NOT get married.

    I don't understand this whole women want freedom thing. I've never looked down on them, and they seem to do everything they want. I don't see any problems. I know in some areas it is harder for women, but men have those problems as well, so I don't understand what they are fighting for. It's really confusing.
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    I'm pretty sure that apart from accomodation if you manage how to spend and cook on your own you'll spend only around 10,000 yen ( about 70-80 dollars) per month in Japan. Will you survive with 70-80 dollars in the U.S.?
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    And that matters why...?

    I could live in Thailand for ten cents/day but why the hell would I want to do that?

    I live in the best country in the world. That's all that matters to me.

    But if I HAD to live elsewhere? I'd probably choose Sweden or Finland. Maybe Switzerland. Japan would be right up there with India, Afghanistan and Ethiopia.
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    Japan is a good place to discuss with other educated people. they have some of the best engineers in the world. technologically they are of the best if not the best.

    PS What horror stories?
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    Japan, seems like cool place, but dimensions of their homes, and cars, and pretty much everything are just to small for me.
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    I can't belive there is even a discussion. Have you ever heard of football, Pauly Shore, coney dogs, corndogs, Gerry Ford, penis enlargement pills, English, BE (Budweiser's new beer with caffeine, ginseng and guarana), Cedar Point, Las Vegas, country music, the clapper, chia pets, sororities, A-1, sneeze guards, mechanical bulls, oscar mayer wienermobile, pauly shore movies, or the Fonz.

    The best place is the USA, baby!
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    What the hell is that supposed to mean?

    Nice jab at me, just because I don't like your country.

    I have had probably a half dozen friends or friends of siblings or friends of friends that have gone and done that "teach english" program in Japan. Every one of them came home early because they couldn't stand it.

    Asian people (and others) come here because it's the best place to live in the world. North Americans go to Japan because of work and pretty much nothing else. Nobody in North America says "I want to live in Japan". Lots of Japanese/Asians in general say "I want to live in Canada/US. There are reasons for this. Namely that Japan is an undesirable place to live due to gross overpopulation and antiquated customs/culture (read:less than perfect human rights policies and traditions).
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    okay i didn't mean that it the way you percieve it.

    i'm not japanese by japan i was talking about asia in general everyone was using the word japan so thats the first thing that came to mind. and yes america is just as good and canada too.

    everything i say is percieved in a different way from what i meant in the first place...

    when you are there you want something else and when you have something else you want the other instead.

    For example: French person: I wish i could go to America to see new york one day
    American person: i wish i could go to france and see paris one day
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    That is correct.

    But there is no "American person: I wish I could go to Japan and see Tokyo one day" equivalent. People just don't say that. We WANT to go to Paris, London, Madrid, Bern, Brussels etc. As a whole we (north americans) don't want to go to Tokyo/Japan because it is a very undesirable destination. The same way nobody says "I really want to go to Khartoum" or "I want to move to Tehran".

    There are desirable and undesirable locations. Paris and New York are the former, Tokyo and Tehran are the latter.
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