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Engineering Which one is better ? Engineering Majors Dilemma

  1. Apr 12, 2009 #1
    Which one is better ?? Engineering Majors!! Dilemma

    okay so im transferring this fall huge decisions to be made


    @ UCLA

    I environmental engineering appeals to me allot more than civil...
    UCLA is allot more convenient to attend b/c its closer to home, and significant others.

    Now my dilemma is when i get out of college can i still do the work that of an environmental engineer or will i need to get a bachelor's in EE ??

    and what is the great difference of having a bachelor's in one or the other??
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    Re: Which one is better ?? Engineering Majors!! Dilemma

    The choice of degree would seem to depend on what one wishes to do professionally. Does one wish to work on environmental matters, e.g. land use, potable water/sanitation, pollution abatement, . . . or does one wish to be involved with structures (e.g. bridges, dams, canals, . . .) or transportation (roads, railways, public transportation, . . . ), or perhaps renewable energy or sustainable development?
  4. Apr 14, 2009 #3
    Re: Which one is better ?? Engineering Majors!! Dilemma

    Yeah I'm definitely more interested in Environmental.
    i know SLO would be the best choice engineering in general.

    But most likely i'm going to attend UCI or UCLA b/c the are closer to home.

    And I've been hearing that UCLA has a better engineering program. Is that true??

    Also could I get a BS in civil engineering and Masters in Environmental???

    *** thanks allot for your reply
  5. Apr 19, 2009 #4
    Re: Which one is better ?? Engineering Majors!! Dilemma

    I work for big company where we recruit SLO engineers because the education is incredibly practical. Go either SLO or UCLA. Do CE or Industrial Engineering. Recruiters don't know what an environmental engineering degree is.
  6. Apr 19, 2009 #5
    Re: Which one is better ?? Engineering Majors!! Dilemma

    thanks for your advice.
    If you do not mind me asking where is your firm located???

    I'm curious to find out where most of the engineering firms are at.

    is there allot in los angeles???

  7. Apr 19, 2009 #6
    Re: Which one is better ?? Engineering Majors!! Dilemma

    All the big engineering companies have offices in Los Angeles. You're in a great place. I'm in NoCal.
  8. Apr 21, 2009 #7
    Re: Which one is better ?? Engineering Majors!! Dilemma

    UCLA doesn't seem to offer an Environmental Engineering major, but the department is called "Civil and Environmental Engineering" and there is a specialization in environmental engineering (minor).

    UCI also has a department called "Civil and Environmental Engineering," but there is actually a major in environmental engineering. They both seem very similar and both engineering schools actually have the same name!

    However, it seems that UCLA and Cal Poly SLO are more highly regarded than UCI. UCSD also has a good engineering school, but their environmental engineering program is in the mechanical engineering department. http://www.jacobsschool.ucsd.edu/academic/academic_undergrad/undergrad_majors/EnvironEBS.shtml [Broken]
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