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Which one is better

  1. Apr 13, 2005 #1
    I am thinking of buying either nVidia XFX Geforce FX 5700 LE 256 MB or
    ASUS A9550 GE 128 MB graphics card?

    Which one is better for say a game like MS Flight Simulator '04 or say watching something live on the Internet?
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    I would suggest not to buy either of them. Look, they are both quite old graphic cards and if you want a good card for gaming, and I mean serious gaming including new games like Half-Life 2 and Doom3 , then you will propably not be satisfied. Actually after a few months you will propably start having some problems with new games. Of course they are quite cheap so it also depends on how much you want to spend. Anyway I would suggest GeForce6600GT if you want a really good and new card, or ATI 9800XT or even ATI 9600XT.
    You could also check some internet reviews of these cards and find which one really suites you . One important notice: if your PC is really old then even if you buy the best card, it won't have really good performance. Check it out before you decide.
  4. Apr 14, 2005 #3
    Something I forgot: I would avoid limited editions, and generally "cut" editions of cards if I were you. Sometimes, they have much lower performance than the uncut ones
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