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Which One To Take?

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    Hello everyone,

    If your instructor gives you an opportunity to choose between Finite Element Method and Computational Fluid Dynamics course, which one you will take?


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    Depends on what type of field you will go into. Finite element is typically used in structural analysis, whereas CFD is pretty self-explanatory.
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    Unless of course you're talking multiphysics (i.e. COMSOL) which is finite element based. If you're going into fluid mechanics then I would take CFD. If you're doing anything else I would go with finite elements.
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    Take both, seriously.
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    Ofcourse! But which one I should take first? Which one is priority?
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    It doesn't matter what order because they are both sufficiently different. As for priority, that is a subjective question. The priority is whatever you want to be doing when you get a job: CFD or FEA. That is your call.
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