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Which pathway to nuclear engineering?

  1. Sep 13, 2011 #1
    I'm currently looking at studying Nuclear engineering, as I am interested in this side of physics and would like to take part in the future of this industry. There's a few issues. Firstly, there aren't any nuclear 'engineering' degrees in my country. This is ok with me, I have been looking at going overseas and have decided that I will do 2 years in an Australian Engineering degree and transfer in my final two years to major in nuclear.

    Another option I've seen is that I can do BSc for 3 years in Australia, and then go international to do a master of applied nuclear science.

    Out of these two options, which would best prepare me to do work for nuclear engineering companies, specifically doing the engineering of reactors, fuel rods etc.

    To add to this - but no affect the decision, I would like to sometime in my life get into astrophysics, would any of the subjects in which I take in any of these degrees aid me in some time getting a degree for that?

    If anything is understood please let me know and I will clarify.


    - On a side note - I think this is in the wrong forum, if an admin or something notices this can they please drop it to career guidance - thanks.
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    Yeah I had noticed that thread, and did see how it said that 'nuclear engineering' is needed, but wasn't sure if that was only compared with mechanical, or that just overall an engineering degree is needed.
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