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Which schools in the US offer bachelors in mechatronic engineering

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    Which schools offer a bachelors in mechatronic engineering? Any suggestions? Ive read a source that claimed that there were 3. I know one is Southern Polytechnic State University in Georgia. What are the others?
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    What is "mechatronic" engineering? It might not be offered at a particular school, but you might be able to learn all the same stuff by combining classes from two or 3 other majors.
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    I dont know anyone that teaches "mechatronic" engineering but there are many that teach electromechanics.
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    Perhaps a mechatronic engineer is an engineer who is actually a robot, like Arnold Schwartzenegger is a politician who is actually a robot.
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    Oh, wait, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mechatronics" [Broken]. And since the diagram in that Wikipedia article is from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, it seems RPI is probably one of the other places that offers it.
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    I'm not sure about other schools, but Southern Poly is a solid choice. Georgia Tech just started a Ph.D. program in robotics this Fall so if you have plans for grad school, you could probably transition easily to Georgia Tech after finishing at Southern Poly.
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    Just from googling, the only ones I could find are SPSU which you mentioned, California State University-Chico, Lawrence Tech, Vaughn, and a joint program between UNC-Ashville and NCSU. I have not heard of many of these schools, so I can't attest to the quality of the programs.

    The vast majority of the people I know who do work in the fields that someone with a mechatronics degree would study do not have a mechatronics degree but are Mechanical or Electrical engineers, so do not feel limited by only schools that offer a mechatronics bachelors. Good Luck.
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