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Which software for a stress-strain curve?

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to draw a stress-strain curve with data collected from the test itself. I have no problem plotting the points obtained, but I can't figure out how to graphically or at least with some kind of software aid, to get results (σ0.2, σmax, σ0.5, and so on).

    I tryed with excel, but even though I can draw lines on the graphic by hand, it's not the most precise thing. Also with octave, but drawing aditional lines over the curve involves interpolation and it's lots of work for just a few lines.

    Does somebody have an "easy" solution for this?

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    Excel is more than capable of calculating all of the parameters you have listed, it need only be properly implemented.

    Do you understand what each of the parameters is, and how they are calculated?
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    Hello, and thank you for your reply.

    Yes I understand the parameters, and even with the ones I'm not so sure about, I have a few text books to go to.

    My question was mainly because of the hook's line (I don't know the actual name in english), and the other parallel lines I have to draw (with the same slope, but starting from a given percentage of deformation).

    Now that you state it so firmly, I guess it really could be done with excel, but as it is a discrete set of data, it wouldn't be so "direct" to do the calculations.

    I'll give it another try, maybe it's simpler than I thought.

    Thanks again.
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    Yes excel is a great and powerful tool for us to work with. I would also use it for this calculations
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