What is Stress-strain: Definition and 45 Discussions

In engineering and materials science, a stress–strain curve for a material gives the relationship between stress and strain. It is obtained by gradually applying load to a test coupon and measuring the deformation, from which the stress and strain can be determined (see tensile testing). These curves reveal many of the properties of a material, such as the Young's modulus, the yield strength and the ultimate tensile strength.

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  1. N

    Material Models Sources: Ludwik, Holomon, Swift, Wok, etc.

    Who can share the primary sources where material models are formulated: Ludwik, Holomon, Swift, Wok, Ludwikson, Hill and others?
  2. L

    Stress-Strain Graphs of different materials

    Hello, so I am not actually seeking help sketching the stress strain graphs. However, I am rather confused about the last part of the question to comprehensively label the stress-strain graph of copper with the limit of proportionality etc. Evaluating the graph, it becomes clear that these...
  3. M

    Crack Mode I: Stress-Strain Relation

    If i have a thermal shock in a thermo-elastic material with crack mode I propagated ? what are the stress-strain relations in this case? or what is the factor K relation? "sorry if the question is not true, but i hope you understood what i mean"
  4. K

    Stress-strain graph-finding elastic strain energy

    Homework Statement Homework Equations [/B] stress = force/area strain = extension/original length Young modulus= stress/strainThe Attempt at a Solution [/B] Hi i hope you can read my handwriting. I solved task a already but even though i think i solved b correctly, the solution says...
  5. J

    Defining Multi-Linear Isotropic Stress-Strain Curve Ansys WB

    In order to use Solid65 in Ansys workbench for simulating concrete, we shall define the multi-linear isotropic stress-strain curve as well. I have the concrete compression stress-strain data in excel. I would like to ask that how could I get the multi-linear isotropic stress-strain curve in...
  6. W

    What is the equation of this stress-strain curve?

    For this nonlinear hardening stress strain curve, how do you express strain in terms of stresses ?
  7. P

    A Stress-strain; strain-displacement in 2-D; uniqueness

    I am working on a 2-D planar problem in the x-y direction, dealing with stresses, strain, displacements. Under the linear elastic relation and after substitution I can write the following: ## \begin{bmatrix} \sigma_{xx} & \sigma_{xy} \\ \sigma_{xy} & \sigma_{yy} \end{bmatrix} = \mu...
  8. S

    Stress-strain (area under curve)

    Homework Statement Deducing what the area under the stress-strain curve shows. There are four option in the attached image. I can discount work done by considering the units. The remaining ones seem plausible, but only one is true. Homework Equations stress = force / area; strain =...
  9. K

    Comparing stress-strain curves from different methodologies

    I am a medical researcher with little physics background but currently completing a study of the physical characteristics of arteries. I am trying to compare the stress-strain curve from my study with that of other studies. The problems are 1) the dimensions of the arteries in these other...
  10. J

    Graphing stress-strain plots on excel

    1. I'm given time (s), extension (mm), tensile stress (mPa), and tensile strain (%) in a table. I'm supposed to graph it on excel, but my graphs don't look at all like a stress-strain graph. 2. I think it's probably because I'm using tensile stress or strain? Or is it an excel error I'm doing...
  11. R

    Unraveling the Stress-Strain Curve: Find Young's Modulus & Yield Strength

    Homework Statement The figure shows the stress-strain curve for a material. The scale of the stress axis is set by s = 280, in units of 10^6 N/m2. What are (a) the Young's modulus and (b) the approximate yield strength for this material? Homework Equations E=stress/strain The Attempt at a...
  12. Feodalherren

    Solid Mechanics - Stress-Strain diagram - absorbed energy

    Homework Statement 1.The maximum energy (per unit volume) that can be absorbed by the steel alloy without sustaining permanent deformation is _______ lb/in^2 1.4. The maximum energy (per unit volume) that can be absorbed bythe steel prior to fracturing is _______ kip/in^2. . Homework...
  13. F

    How to plot stress-strain curve?

    Can we plot stress-strain curve if we only have yield strength, tensile strength, and elongation data? For example if i have: Yield strength = 300 MPa Tensile Strength = 600 MPa Elongation = 50% How to plot the stress-strain curve? Thanks
  14. B

    Tensile Test Specimen Point of Failure

    I am a part C Mechanical Engineering student and have been undertaking a project investigating the strain sensitivity of a particular glass filled composite. From my quasi-static results, the stress-strain curves seem to be reasonable and match that of the mechanical material properties...
  15. B

    High strain rate testing using the SHPB -- Help please

    I am a part C mechanical engineering student and require some advice for my individual project, which is based on the high strain-rate testing of a particular glass filled composite material using a split-Hopkinson pressure bar (SHPB) experiment. I gathered the results on a SHPB test rig and...
  16. T

    Converting stress-strain curve to shear stress-shear strain

    Homework Statement For a crystalline metal material - Elastic modulus E - Poisson ratio v - A table with test data of stresses vs. total strains, from a monotonic uniaxial tension test, which generates a stress-strain curve. How would you use this data to find the corresponding pure shear...
  17. R

    Tensile Stress-Strain: Ultimate Strain of Plain Concrete

    Hi If i have the stress-strain curve of concrete(compression) then how do i plot the SS curve for tension with reference with tangent modulus or secant modulus?? what is the ultimate tensile strain of plain concrete?
  18. L

    Understanding Stress-Strain Curves and Force-Extension

    So a stress-strain curve: σ on the x-axis and ε on the y axis. σ = F / A and ε = ΔL / L of course, L is a constant, and A is a constant if the material can be assumed to not-deform. Can a stress-strain curve therefore be thought of as a force-extension curve? i.e. essentially F on the x-axis and...
  19. D

    Mechanical Engineering- Stress-Strain

    When a 90kg man stands on a snow-covered trail, he sinks a certain amount into the snow-covered trail, he sinks a certain amount into the snow because the compressive stress between his boots and the snow is larger than the snow can support without crumbling. Assuming typical cross-country skis...
  20. F

    Calculating Force on a Stretched Steel Rod | Young's Modulus 200*109 Pa

    A cylindrical steel rod is originally 250 cm long and has a diameter of 0.254 cm. A force is applied longitudinally and the rod stretches 0.85 cm. What is the magnitude of the force? The value for Young's Modulus for steel is 200*109 Pa. The correct answer is 3400 N, i used the equation...
  21. A

    Solving Stress-Strain Curve: Ultimate Stress, Units Confirmation

    Homework Statement I was creating a stress-strain curve for a soft aluminum alloy (as stated in problem) and was looking to find the ultimate stress and ensure my units were all okay. I have attached a screenshot of my graph. And a separate screenshot with the formulas. Homework...
  22. A

    Relation b/w elctrical resistance and stress-strain

    Hey All! My question is regrading a subtle observation that i made when i was straing at my "spring coil type" room heater. Accidently i pulled up some stands of heating coil spring to make them straight section (obviuosly when it was switched off). Then, when i passed current through it...
  23. G

    True Stress-Strain Curve on the Log Scale: Which portion is the plastic region?

    My math is a little weak, so I'm having a hard time finding the elastic and plastic regions on this curve. Any further help will also be appreciated!
  24. S

    Ductile material engineering stress-strain curve

    I understand that the engineering stress-strain curve of different material under tension test is different, but for the sake of simplicity the scope of this discussion will be for a general ductile material. If you have to pick a specify example, I think perhaps you can use steel or iron...
  25. H

    Which software for a stress-strain curve?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to draw a stress-strain curve with data collected from the test itself. I have no problem plotting the points obtained, but I can't figure out how to graphically or at least with some kind of software aid, to get results (σ0.2, σmax, σ0.5, and so on). I tryed with...
  26. E

    Solve Stress-Strain Question: 3in Copper Rod Reduces to 2in Diameter

    [1] Problem Statement: A 3-in. diameter copper rod is to be reduced to 2-in dameter by being pushed through an opening. to account for elastic strain, what should the diameter of the opening be? Modulus of Elasticity (E) =17e6 psi, yield strength (YS) = 40,000psi. [2] My work...
  27. T

    "Calculating Stress-Strain Graph Homework

    Homework Statement okay i have attached the question and what i simply have to do is plot the stress-strain graph. Homework Equations strain = extension/initial length stress=force/areaThe Attempt at a Solution Okay, i calculated the strain by dividing each of the extensions by 30mm which is...
  28. C

    Stress-strain graph explaination?

    http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/812/unledylp.png/ So, A sample of material was stretched and then allowed to contract. A stress-strain graph was obtained as the above picture. Is it true that the material is permanently deformed based on the graph? And, the gradient of the graph...
  29. kelvin490

    Beginner's question on Stress-strain curve

    Why the slope of typical stress-strain curve decreases after yielding? If it is strain-hardening, why less stress is required to further increase the strain compared to that before yielding? All replies are much welcome, thank you.
  30. M

    Getting stress-strain data using the 'strain hardening exponent'.

    Hi guys, I am trying to generate tabular stress-strain data from the data given in this table for a grade of aluminium, The elastic region is simple but I don't understand how to use the 'strain hardening exponent' to generate stress-strain data for the plastic region. From what I...
  31. H

    Algebraic Inversion of Stress-Strain Relations?

    How is this accomplished? How can one derive equations for stress in terms of strain from equations of strain in terms of stress or vice versa?
  32. A

    Tensile Tests Load-Extension into Stress-Strain

    Homework Statement Via tensile testing of various materials I have been supplied with Load-Extension tables. I must calculate and show the Strain-Stress Graph. I know from this it is fairly easy to calculate the stress by force/area. What I am having trouble with is strain. I have a...
  33. Femme_physics

    What's the broken diagonal line during stress-strain curves?

    So in my mechanics of materials class we were taught about stress-strain curves. I asked a couple of times for the meaning of the broken diagonal line on the graph but no one seemed to give me a logical answer so I decided to ask here.
  34. J

    Force graphs and stress-strain graphs

    I know what a force-extension graph looks like. DOes a force-compression graph look the same just with different axis? (compression on the x-axis NOT extension) DOes a compressive-strain graph (Young Modulus) look the same as a tensile stress-strain graph? if not what do they look like...
  35. H

    Shear stress-strain curve

    Dear colleagues I`m working on liquefaction resistance of sand utilizing shaking table tests. i want to draw shear stress-strain curves for each test and i need help from you,my Physicist colleagues. my model container is 200*70*50cm and i`ve put acceleration transducers at depth 7,21 and 35cm...
  36. D

    Stress-Strain of Alloy with 100μm Nucleus Size

    as depicted in the diagram below the stress strain for an alloy with an average nucleus size of 100 micron find 1)the modulus of elasticity for the alloy 2) the yielding stress for 1) i assume that the red line is meant to be at 0.0005 therefore E=dσ/dε=100e6/0.0005 E=200Gpa...
  37. S

    Stress-strain relation and constitutive equation

    Homework Statement A voigt solid is a model viscoelastic material which in uniaxial tension has the stress-strain relation \sigma=E0(\epsilon+t0\dot{\epsilon}), where E0 and t0 are constants. 1) sketch the creep and stress relaxation curves for this material. 2) show that the relaxation...
  38. D

    Internal forces and stress-strain

    i have attached a past paper question on internal forces and stress-strain, please help!
  39. J

    Practical - Stress-Strain graph of an elastic band

    Homework Statement Hi, I have a practical to do soon, it's only a basic thing because we've only been doing physics for just over a month - plotting a stress-strain graph for an elastic band... 2. The attempt at a solution Now, I was just going to measure the original length of...
  40. T

    Stress-strain diagram using deformation ?

    Homework Statement I have a lab report where I have to plot a stress-strain diagram for 2 beams. We apply an increasing load at midspan and record the deflection. I have to find the strain so I can plot the diagram. Also, the diagram willl be use to find the modulus of elasticity so I can use...
  41. N

    Effects of Attractive Forces on Polymer Rubber Stress-Strain Curve

    1. Suppose a freely orienting chain with 1000 segments each of length 7 AO is subjected to a force on its ends of 10-5 N. What will be the average separation of the chain ends? 2. How large a force is needed to elongate the following piece of polymer to a length of 2.54 cm? Original length =...
  42. T

    Stress-Strain Calculation Resources

    does anybody knows any websites or materials that i can find all the relevant formula,graphs or diagrams and others for stress - strain calculation?? pls help
  43. C

    Stress-strain relation material property

    when we normally see the "stress -strain" curve is having stress on y-axis and strain on x axis. that mean stress is the response of the structure and strain is the input can i say the following stress -strain curve,stress in the x-axis and strain in the y axis. because when i apply a...
  44. G

    The true, true stress-strain curve?

    If you look at a engineering stress-strain curve compared to the true* stress-strain curve of a steel for example, they start to differ somewhere after the yield point. Before the yield point they seem to be the same. If you look at the specimen in the in the elastic region, as it deforms...
  45. M

    Stress-Strain Diagrams: Comparing Cast Iron & Stainless Steel

    How the stress-strain diagram of Cast Iron differs from that of Stailless Steel? If someone can post a link of a website from where I can find stress-strain diagrams of different materials, it would be very helpful for me. Thanks in advance!