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How to plot stress-strain curve?

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    Can we plot stress-strain curve if we only have yield strength, tensile strength, and elongation data?
    For example if i have:
    Yield strength = 300 MPa
    Tensile Strength = 600 MPa
    Elongation = 50%
    How to plot the stress-strain curve?
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    You can approximate the line.
    Do you know what each of your data points represents? ie could you find them on a given stress strain curve?
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    Yield strength = 300 MPa
    Tensile Strength = 600 MPa
    Elongation = 50%

    Here are the three points you identified (strain, stress)

    If you knew the modulus of elasticity and when the curve first deviated from linear, you could approximate it. I.e., if you knew it was steel you could use around 207 GPa for Young's modulus, and draw a straight line until the curve deviated from linear (proportional limit), then approximate the rest of the points with a smooth curve up to failure (0.5, 600). Austentic stainless steels could have an elastic limit of around 50%, so if you knew this was the class of material you could find some stress strain plots and estimate the proportional limit, and then you would have enough information to estimate such a curve, or you could just "guess" the proportional limit (say 0.005), then that point would be

    (0.005, 0.005*207,000)

    And you could estimate a curve.
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