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Which textbook for an introduction to the Standard Model?

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    I am an undergraduate physics student and have just begun lectures on elementary particles and the Standard Model.
    At the moment I really know nothing about this branch of physics and am looking for recommendations on a textbook which introduces the subject well.
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    Griffiths has an introductory textbook that doesn't assume any knowledge of quantum field theory; you should be fine just by knowing what's in his QM textbook. Just as a warning though, since you really need QFT to understand the standard model, you may find Griffiths' book to be a little too chatty and hand-wavy. You'll learn how to do some basic calculations (for predicting things like decay rates) as well as start playing with the Dirac equation and gauge theories, and you'll have some idea of the basic language of particle physics, but it isn't very comprehensive. It's the only book of its kind that I know of, but you might be able to find a more thorough supplementary text depending on your background.
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    Halzen and Martin, Quarks and Leptons, an introductory course on elementary particle physics
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    +5 for Quarks and Leptons, an introductory course on elementary particle physics

    -20 for Griffiths (possibly)
    Now, I haven't read his QFT book but I have 'attempted' to read his QM book and it was horrible, full of inconsistencies and lacking any rigor, and by the sounds of it his QFT book is the same.

    It would be helpful to know what your background is though, what do you know at the moment?
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