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Which would have greater pressure at the end, an L shape or Y shaped

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    which would have greater pressure at the end, an L shape or Y shaped funnel?
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    Re: pressure

    Assuming a fairly slow flow velocity, and assuming the same height for each funnel, it would be approximately the same.
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    jim hardy

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    Re: pressure

    The taller one?
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    Re: pressure


    Correct me if I'm wrong (I'm taking the 2nd calculus based physics course fliuds, thermo, etc.)

    The pressure of a fluid in a container at rest can be defined as:

    p = p0 * ρgh

    where p is the absolute pressure, the pressure your looking for at a certain depth. p0 is the pressure from the atmosphere which bears down on the fluid. ρ is the density of the fluid. g of course is gravity. h is the length from the surface to where you're trying to find the pressure.

    So if were dealing with containers undergoing the same pressure from the atmosphere, that contain the same density liquid, have the same gravitational force applied to them then the only factor is the height or length from the surface to the point your looking for the pressure. In essence, the pressure at any given depth really only depends upon the depth but not on any horizontal dimension.

    So if we're to assume this Y shaped container and this T shaped container are both the same height then the pressure at any point in those containers will be the same! And, this would also apply for any kind of shape you can think of (of the same height).

    Take this into consideration when constructing your next beer bong.
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