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Who hypothesized entanglement

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    I believe that it was de Broglie who hypothesized that two particles could become entangled and in 1935 Schrödinger gives it the name.

    Can someone point me at the the publication in which de Broglie did his hypothesizing or at least tell me the year.
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    As far as I know, the first discussion about the possibility for what we now call entanglement was the EPR paper in 1935, which de Broglie had nothing to do with.
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    I agree with LastOneStanding, fairly sure it was a 1935 paper on the EPR Paradox written by Einstein Podolsky and Rosen, hence EPR... since at the time they actually had no idea what they had discovered... and it was later the Schrodinger called it entanglement.

    If you google search EPR Paradox 1935 and do some reading it shouldnt be that hard to find out what you want
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    As far as I know, Schrödinger coined the name "Verschränkung" (="Entanglement") when discussing philosophical implications of quantum theory with Einstein. His famous gedanken experiment with the cat also is closely related with entanglement. I'm not sure, whether he was before EPR.
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    In the paper “Einstein, Podolsky, Rosen, and Shannon” Asher Peres writes:

    [my bolding]

    Peres talks about “entangled wave-functions” but the term wasn’t coined until after the 1935 EPR paper. In the “The Shaky Game” Arthur Fine writes:

    Therefore it looks like "entanglement" was known [among chemists] before the 1935 EPR paper, but it was Einstein who saw the significance of the phenomena, and then Schrödinger the same year generalized it, coined the term, and stressed the overall importance for QM theory.

    P.S. Verschränkung translated directly from German:
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    ... and this is why Einstein was upset ...

    Credit: New York Times, 4 May 1935, p. 11
    New York Times Archive

    And who can blame him... the last line is sort of “overenthusiastic”... :smile:
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