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Who was more genius, Einstein or Newton?

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    Please help to find the answer of this question.
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    Chi Meson

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    There is NO answer to this question. It is not worth the effor to try. Both smart. Both geniuses. Different times, different problems. No answer. Hurry, hide before Cyrus sees you!
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    It seems rather subjective.

    They came from different places and times. Einstein had the benefit of the his predecessors, which includes Newton.

    What is the point of such a question? And why do people worry about "who is/was the best?"
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    I think it is agreeable that they both were very smart and your question is kinda like "Which one tastes better, an apple or an orange?"
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    Didn't Newton also stand on the shoulder of giants? :wink:
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    Cracks knuckles :rofl:
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    I'd say Galileo was the greatest physicist ever.

    Newton didn't really discover anything new as far as I know, he was really mathematician not physicist. All he did was apply Leibnitz's new mathematics of caculus to Galileo's 100 year old law of motion. Now Galileo's law of motion has mysteriously become renamed as newton's first law...:uhh:

    I think Newton didn't even fully understand Galileos laws until they were explained to him by Hooke (of Hookes Law and the universal joints). Also there's no reason to believe Newton was first to discover the inverse square law for gravity either, a number of people were dicussing the same at that time and Hooke actually took out a court case against newton accusing him of plaigiarism.
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    Unless you do something great, they were both smarter than you. That's the answer.;)
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    :bugeye: :eek: :confused:

    I vote for a lock
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    Reminds me of a thread in another forum where one member claims that Mozart and Haydn didn't write most of their works, and that Mozart was nothing more than a sham. :biggrin:
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    What's the point in 95% of the topics posted in General Discussion Astronuc, Chi Meson, cyrusabdollahi?

    It seems that in General Discussion people just want to chat about all kind of things like cracking jokes, cute cats, disney, how much presidential candidate X is so much better than candidate Y etc.

    I do not see a problem with that.
    But now there is apparently an issue with this particular posting?
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    I second that.


    Because this is a scientific forum, and topics related in any way to science are regarded in a different way.
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    I don't know how many times this question, or ones very similar, have been asked here. There's no answer, for all the reasons already described. Toss a coin and pick one if you really must.

    Cyrus, you've disappointed me...I was counting on a "Thread Locked" line. This time I'd have granted it. :biggrin:
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