Why am I so obsessed with a girl who may never accept me?

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In summary, the person thinks the person he has a crush on is out of his league and won't be satisfied with him as he is currently.
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In 2011 I had a heavy crush on person who is friends with a friend(she) of mine.I never met her but I felt like I needed to go towards her.Later I told my friend about this and she became angry and explained me about that girl.That girl is very rich and comes from a military family,she spends lot of money and wants a prince like man to marry.She is a good girl but has some wants of her own.So that was that I told my friend I am off it,but actually I wasnt I kept thinking about her.In 2012 I failed in my high school final exams.I have taken the exam again this.By this time that girl went to college.In this time I kept researching and pointed out reasons for me to be unacceptable to her.

I am handicapped.My left leg is an inch shorter than right,when I walk I lag.Also from last year I started body building because I was slim.Building is still going and it will continue.My family had a business and it brought quite an amount of money to us but this year it got destroyed in a fire outbreak.We are like totally ordinary people now.

So here I am,with nothing and still want her.I am working hard in workouts and I will go to college in January.But my leg problem is still here I am considering surgery in United States even if its a risk.And also I will need to have a few hundred thousand dollars for her to be satisfied.Its a long and rough way to the top.

In all these sometimes I wonder is she right for me,why do I have so much strong feelings for her.Am I in the right path willing to take all these risks?What should I do?
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And what does this girl do to get your interest? Does she call or text you? How often do you see her where you and her talk?
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Honestly sounds like you're obsessive and it's a bit creepy. I doubt you've even maintained a full conversation with this girl. Better yet if she didn't like you without money, why would you be happy with her only liking you for obtaining money?
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Actually, re-reading the OP's post, he states he's never even met her!
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Yeah and the fact that this has been going on for two years...
To be honest I doubt any of us could talk some sanity into him, but I really hope for the sake of this girl that you never get near her.

Not going to even bother giving you advice on turning your life around.

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