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Why can't they track number stations?

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    Or why don't they?

    All the mystique around them I would have thought even amateur's would do it for fun.

    What/why are they still a mystery?

    Or am I missing something?
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    What is a number station?
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    Cant do links but put in YouTube and listen to some. Basically coded RF broadcasts presumably spies that started in the cold war, mostly repetitive. They slowed down a bit after the cold war but very many have never stopped.

    I think there are new ones now. Better than the internet because the internet is point to point, easy to locate and monitor.

    These stations only need a commercial receiver, everyone and anyone can listen from almost anywhere, perfectly hidden in plain sight.

    Of course only the intended receiver knows the presumably once only key code.
    Lots of amateur sites publish the frequencies, just google it. Thousands of transmissions are recorded and you can listen to them.
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    The NSA is pretty capable, and very secretive. What evidence do you have that NSA can not track them if they want to?
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    Well govs tend to deny they e ist, even when yoygive them instructions, I asked my fed authority re ham licences and they didn't say much of value.
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    Is there any science or engineering in your question?
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    Yes is there any technical reason why the transmitters have not been exposed by amateurs already.

    Seems like a retirement project to do.
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    probably cuz we are not interested and don't care about them
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