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Why do children always want to pee at the most inconvenient times?

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    I was on the bus today and this girl wanted to pee, but her dad already had his hands full and he looked so troubled because I think he also didn't want her to hold it in. He got off the bus (after he paid too) to take the girl to look for a washroom.

    I remember when I was a child and I had the same situation, I always needed pee when we are in the car or when we left the public mall.

    Why do children do that?
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    It's in the job description - annoy adults whenever possible.
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    Smaller bladders plus drinking too much soda?
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    It is love blackmail, just like their evil-angelic, adorable looks makes us do anything to keep them happy.

    It is called natural selection. :-(
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    They probably want attention, too.
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    Learning to plan ahead is a long way down the road for most kids. Action and consequence takes a long time also.

    And they have small bladders compared to adults, so adults also tend to overestimate how long to wait before reminding the kid to use the restroom and overestimate how much the little ones can drink before having to go.

    And of course, it is punishment for the parents doing the same thing to their parents when they were kids! :uhh:
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    It's important to distinguish between "wanting" and "needing."


    Case 1: A child wants to pee when they're in a new environment and have never seen its bathroom before.

    Case 2: A child needs to pee when their bladder tells their brain, "I'm full."

    Case 1 (and its many variations) are typically driven by curiosity and might not be completely legitimate. Case 2 isn't really something they're able to control.

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    I can't believe this is on the forefront of many children's minds
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    I can remember it being a factor for me when I was little.

    I also remember taking my younger siblings to the bathroom only to watch them sit on the toilet and gawk at everything in the bathroom without ever actually "going."
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    Because they always have small bladders and drink soda pop or other diuretics.
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    Kids are the product of Satan
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    And coitus.
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    This is why they need to go at the most inconvenient times, because even when the parents remember to chase them off to the bathroom before they leave, the kids manage to get distracted and forget to actually pee. After they get back in the car, they realize they forgot and now NEED to go.
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    The feeling of warm pool water just makes it come naturally
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    My niece and my neighbors' young grand-daughters always seem to need to "go" when they are here. Part of the "need" to go is fascination with the toilet that I replaced our old one with. It is a dual-flow American Standard model. There is no lever on the tank. Instead there are two chromed metallic buttons in the top of the lid. One button has 3 raised (braille-like) protrusions on it and is for the smaller flush-volume, and the other button has 9 protrusions and is for when you need a heavier flush volume. Our old toilet crapped out :biggrin: and since we have a private septic system AND a drilled well, it is best to save water if possible.

    All three of the girls are pretty fascinated by the push-button toilet. My wife finds it hard to keep a straight face when accompanying my niece to the bathroom, because she makes songs up about everything, and when she is on the flush, she'll sing "poopin' and peein', poopin' and peein' ". I ought to sneak in there sometime with my pocket-cam and record one of those performances, just so I can play it at a family get-together when she is 15 or so years old. :devil:
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