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Why do photons repel one another?

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    Why do photons repel one another?
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    Doc Al

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    What makes you think that they repel one another?
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    Solid Light

    This article has me confused lol.
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    It is theoretical...

    I just do not understand how photons could repel one another if they are solid state.
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    D H

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    Doc Al

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    I'm way ahead of you. I found that paper earlier. Beats me!
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    The two-level system (TLS) creates a non-linearity, causing an interaction between the photons (a repulsion).

    By adding photons to a two-dimensional array of coupled optical cavities, each containing a single two-level atom in the photon-blockade regime, they form atom-photon `molecules' termed dressed states or polaritons.

    The coupling between the atom and the photons leads to optical nonlinearities and an effective photon-photon repulsion.
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