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Repel is a commune in the Vosges department in Grand Est in northeastern France.

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  1. arivero

    I Does the property "equal charges repel" still work for non abelian theories?

    I recall that there was an argument from Born expansion showing that exchange of odd spin between equal sign charges generates a repulsive potential, and if the charges are different or the spin is even the potential is attractive. I wonder, how does it work for non abelian gauge theory...
  2. SamRoss

    Magnetic attraction / repulsion from the Lorentz force

    I'm trying to understand how the Lorentz force can explain why magnets attract and repel. The explanations that I have found have mostly involved the magnets moving in a way that decreases the forces between them ( ) but I have not been able to find any intuitive explanation involving the...
  3. Dante Meira

    Can a superconductor "repel" an electromagnet due to the Meissner effect?

    A superconductor with little or no magnetic field within it is said to be in the Meissner state. The Meissner state breaks down when the applied magnetic field is too strong. But what happens if an electromagnet that is at first "turned off" is suddenly "turned on", in the close proximity of a...
  4. F

    Why do nuclei form in the first place if the protons repel each other?

    Now that I think about this some more, nucleons can get close together if they are traveling at a very high speed. So maybe when the Earth first formed, stuff was moving fast (or at high temperature/pressure) and this forced nucleons together into nuclei? I don't really know what I'm talking...
  5. Z

    If a magnet could switch, could it attract and repel?

    Hello the first image with the letters going ABCD is picture #1 and then BACD is picture #2 for references. Tools: - Normal magnet. Nothing special about them. - And we will say they have some type of system where they do not move sideways. Only up and down and have a difference of 5 cm when...
  6. V

    Does the sound or the frequency to repel mosquitoes exist?

    Hi, I have heard much about this, but I'm not an expert. Now I know that mosquito hears by Johnston's organ at antennas. Also that mosquitoes have something like "sound/frequency filter", it means they listen to only some sound/frequency, especially other mosquitoes or other animals. Is it...
  7. Sandeep T S

    Is like currents of opposite charge attract or repel each other?

    Is like currents of opposite charge attract or repel each other
  8. M

    Is there a material or an element that can repel hydrogen?

    I’m working on an idea that I have, and I was wondering if there was something that could repel hydrogen. Not water, not oxygen, just hydrogen. Thanks!
  9. SunRay-dvsh

    A Why light beams attract or repel each other even when they don't have charge

    Hi, Can someone please explain as to why light beams attract or repel each other even when they don't have charge. Seems like it behaves like two current carrying parallel wires. There is very little material about this which goes completely above the head. Thanks
  10. S

    Why doesn't a charge repel a magnetic field in this example?

    The example: An electron is trapped in a magnetic field. The electron travels along a circle in a clockwise path. It's my understanding that there is a magnetic field around the electron also circulating in a clockwise direction perpendicular to it's path. Now if this electron was in a...
  11. N

    Is it possible for opposite charges to repel each other?

    Homework Statement From rest, how fast would two particles be going at the instant they collide ( if they attract) or when they're infinitely far apart (if they repel)? Explain carefully. Particle A: 3nC Particle B: -4nC Each has a mass of 7 mg. They are .05 m apart. Homework Equations ΔK +...
  12. Brendan Staley

    Creating an electromagnetic board for levitation

    I am wondering if it is at all possible to create a magnetic board which is capable of repelling magnets. I am looking up magnetic levitation and would like to make a DIY version at home. Any tips/tricks to make this. Thanks in advance!
  13. Prasun-rick

    I Does anything ever repel gravity?

    I was studying electrostatics when I came across an idea if gravity just like electrostatics be repulsive in nature with something..Is there such things which repel gravity?...Thanks in advance
  14. W

    Car accelerated by repulsion of two point charges

    At the outset, I want to explain that this is a problem I came up with myself. It's not actually homework, and I suspect it is deeply conceptually flawed in some manner that I have yet to determine. 1. Two point charges of like polarity, ## q_1 = q_2 = 1C ##, start out separated by distance ##...
  15. B

    Can two stationary masses repel each other through gravitational forces alone?

    Hi folks, A system of two masses, stationary with respect two each other, is the starting point. For convenience I'll specify one mass as being much larger than the other. The only force acting between them is their mutual gravitational attraction. At time zero they are an arbitrary distance...
  16. N

    Calculate The Distance Where Atoms Start to Repel Each other

    Is there a way to calculate how close two atoms can get before their electrons start to repel each other and prevent atoms from getting closer together. I'm guessing this is dependent on the size of the atom and it's number of protons and electrons. I am asking because I am working on a...
  17. S

    Understanding the Repelling Forces of Magnets

    Hi Just wanted to know, If I have two magnets of the same size with a pull force of say 30kg and use them to repel each other, the top magnet at a position close to the surface of the bottom magnet would be able to support around 30kg (I know repel force is not measured in kg). If I then...
  18. S

    Can a smaller magnet still repel with the same force as a larger magnet?

    Hi Just wanted to know, If I have two magnets of the same size with a pull force of say 30kg and use them to repel each other, the top magnet at a position close to the surface of the bottom magnet would be able to support around 30kg (I know repel force is not measured in kg). If I then...
  19. Alex299792458

    Can small magnetic fields on Mars repel deadly radiation?

    Since Mars doesn't have a magnetic field of its own due to the cooling of it's core, what if you took a strong magnet from Earth say a superconductive magnet or electromagnet, will the small magnetic field (relative to mars) repel solar radiation, solar flares and other background radiation form...
  20. K

    Two electrons repel each other and gain velocity

    Homework Statement Two electrons are held at rest 0.05[cm] apart. what is their relative velocity when they are 1[cm] apart. Homework Equations The potential V from a point charge: ##V=K\frac{q}{r}## The constant ##K=9\cdot 10^9## The work done to move from one point in the field to another...
  21. I

    Experiment: my like charges didn't repel

    i had a battery powered device that outputted 5kV DC . i hooked up one of the output leads to two long pieces of Al foil. i was expecting a repulsion but nothing happened, why? is the voltage not high enough?
  22. J

    How do atoms repel each other?

    Take the first orbital given to us by the time independent SWE, which is a sphere around the nucleus. Conventional teaching is that the electron is smeared across the whole surface area of that sphere. If the electron doesn't appear until after we measure it, how then do atoms repel each other...
  23. J

    Measuring time delay before charged plates repel

    Imagine two parallel conducting plates set at a distance of several meters. If one charges the two plates simultaneously then one would expect a small delay before they started repelling each other due to the time it takes changes in the static field to propagate from one plate to the other...
  24. T

    Electrons are negative, same charges repel, then what about this?

    Cathode rays are the flow of election, since electrons are -vely charged, is it normal for the rays to travel almost in a bundle without getting dispersed due to it's repulsion? If you say it's because of its velocity, then if you imagine each electrons, they are at almost rest to each other...
  25. J

    Reaction-at-a-distance: Might charged plates immediately repel?

    Imagine that we have a pair of parallel plates, A and B, separated by some distance as in Fig. 1 below. At time t_1 we simultaneously charge both the plates. This could be done by previously sending a light signal to a charging apparatus at each plate from a source located at the...
  26. K

    Can moisture be repel or attract using forces?

    Can moisture be repel or attract using some kind of force field such as electric field without actually blowing it, is it possible to separate air and moisture? Does centrifuge force strong enough to separate it? Or is it any other ways to separate moisture form air? Thanks alot.
  27. R

    Why always like poles repel and unlike poles attract

    Can anybody say me why always like poles repel and unlike poles attract but not why like poles attract and unlike poles attract
  28. Q

    Why does a magnetic field repel moving charges?

    Why does a magnetic field produce a force on a moving charge? I would love if someone answered why and not how.
  29. F

    Optical tweezers that not always atract but also repel

    Hi! I have the following problem: the optical tweezers attract beads but when the beads get to the trap, they are repelled. Furthermore, when once in a while a bead gets trapped, it goes out of focus. The tweezers are coupled to an inverted optical microscope. They are made with an IR laser...
  30. S

    Using Magnetic field to repel a paper plane AP Physics Project help?

    I simply need to shoot a paper plane very far, the furthest distance. I cannot interfere with it during flight. I plan to have copper wires up a standing pole, from the pole, an extension (used as a ramp for the plane to gain acceleration), will stick out less than 90 deg/ Perpendicular). On...
  31. H

    Why magnets attract or repel each other

    I would like to understand at a microscopic level why magnets attract or repel each other. I understand that there are tiny loops of currents caused by the spin and orbital rotations of electrons, that there are magnetic moments, but I don't understand why magnets attract. How is the magnetic...
  32. J

    How can magnets repel paperclips?

    I was messing about with a magnet (again), and got a safety-pin which has paperclips attached to it and hung them over the magnet. Most of the paperclips went straight down to the magnet, but some of them wanted to go directly perpendicular, and there seems to be a force pulling them to either...
  33. P

    Magnetic forces required to repel, one permanente and one electromagnet

    Hi guys, this is my first time here. I'm currently working on a new design, our team works for Network Rail and we really need your help. Ok here's the problem: I have a magnet, permanent magnet which is able to move only up and down, not laterally. I have another magnet, this time its an...
  34. D

    Two unequal charges repel, suspended from same point.

    1. Two small, identical spheres of mass m each are attached to thin light threads of length L each and hung from the same point. When charges q1 and q2 are placed on upon the spheres(with both charges having the same sign), the two spheres repel each other and, upon reaching equilibrium, hang at...
  35. F

    Like charges repel and unlike charges

    Homework Statement Unlike charges attract. Now here is my question, is this a phenomenon of Newton's third Law? I couldn't ask my lecturer because I had to run to another class for a quiz. It's friday and I don't want to ruin his friday. The "repelling" force is a real right?
  36. M

    Why don't electrons in the same orbital repel

    Hi I think it's all descriped in the title: Why don't electrons in the same orbital repel.. I don't want the expected answer: because the direction of the magnetic field arising from the electron spin motion of each is opposite to the other... I don't get it.. how does a magnetic field...
  37. F

    Electromagnet to repel neodymium magnet?

    Hello all! I'm new to this site and new to electromagnets. I've done some research but now i need help from anyone who is willing. I'm playing around with electromagnets and neodymium magnets. Now i want the electromagnet to repel the neodymium. So first thing I can't use a ferrous material...
  38. M

    What would repel, hydrogen / a proton?

    What would repel, hydrogen / a proton?
  39. FeDeX_LaTeX

    Do Electrons Attract AND Repel?

    Bit confused here. Electrons repel each other because they both have negative charges. But wouldn't they also ATTRACT each other because of the force of gravity? F_{g} = \frac {Gm_{1}m_{2}} {d^{2}} Do two electrons by this law have a force of gravity that attracts them? Is it possible to...
  40. FeDeX_LaTeX

    Can a constant stream of electrons create an impenetrable 'wall'?

    Hello; I have just started my physics GCSE so I am not very learnèd as others. I was thinking about an 'electron wall' - is this possible? I know that you cannot simply have a wall consisting of only electrons, because they would repel each other and it would fall apart. But what if...
  41. G

    If Electrons Repel Each Other, Then

    I am not sure if this is an appropriate area for this topic, so please re-direct if necessary. As I understand it, according to Coulomb's Law, Electrons should repel each other (except under certain circumstances such as super cooled as in a superconductor) However, I am having a hard time...
  42. A

    Why do lone pair electrons repel each other more strongly ?

    In VSEPR theory, lone pairs repel each other more strongly than bonding pairs do, therefore they bend the molecule and determine its geometry. But why does that happen? What makes the repulsion stronger? Thanks for your help
  43. D

    Do black holes repel the weak force?

    I don't have a formal education in physics so please excuse my ignorance. I had an idea and was wondering if as matter gets stretched and spun toward the event horizon is it possible that as it is consumed the weak force is repelled while everything else gets consumed? I hope that makes sense...
  44. J

    Van de Graff Generator: Electrostatics, why do objects repel the generator

    Homework Statement a) Why do pie pans fly off the Van de Graff Generator when turned on? b) When foam peanut are placed inside a pie pan with the Generator turned on, what causes the foam peanuts to fly out? c) Why does a person's hair stand up when they touch the generator...
  45. J

    Van De Graff Generator: Explanations to why object repel generator

    Homework Statement a) Why do pie pans fly off the Van de Graff Generator when turned on? b) When foam peanut are placed inside a pie pan with the Generator turned on, what causes the foam peanuts to fly out? c) Why does a person's hair stand up when they touch the generator...
  46. P

    Why do photons repel one another?

    Why do photons repel one another?
  47. B

    Covelant bonds:why dont the electrons(+) repel eachother?

    what is the explanation for electron pairing in molecules since the electrons are all positively charged? Shouldn't they repel each other? Any help would be appreciated:) sorry for the newb question :)
  48. A

    Can an electrostatic force repel or just attract?

    [SOLVED] Can an electrostatic force repel or just attract? Two charged plates can't be made to repel each other right?
  49. E

    Why do opposite charges attract and like charges repel?

    Hello, I am currently studying electrostatics and for the moment we are taking as axioms the facts that there are two charges and opposite charges attract and like charges repel (which is of course easily demonstrated by experiment so I have no issue with this, especially as I am just...