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Why does a PhD in CompE command so much more $$$

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    I stumbled across this link http://www.resumeserviceplus.com/advices.php?topic=5-Highest-Paying-Engineering-Specializations which gives data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics on engineering salaries.

    The second table breaks things down by education level. Can someone explain to me why a PhD in computer engineering commands 32k more than a masters, while every other engineering discipline listed commands only about 10k more.

    Maybe some computer engineers could chime in. Is there something about doctoral training in computer engineering that is especially valuable?
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    I was not a computer engineer. I can think of few reasons. Think about people that design PC or note book, The product life is so short, you have to deliver a PC using the latest CPU within how long?.............months or less? Can you imagine the pressure of getting a reliable new product into market with such complexity? Look at mother board, they don't have much rework, chances are they are going to have two runs of pcb before coming out. Working with ME to put everything together in such a tight package, pass CE test or UL. It's the whole group of people work together, putting up with difficult personality, long hours and you better know exactly what you are doing as you don't have time to learn.

    That to me sounds like a nightmare, not work. Think of how much and how fast you have to learn a new CPU. And you have to do it over and over and over and over again and again and again................They can keep that extra 32K.

    I think people that do this like the pillow much better than get onto Physics Forum!!!!
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