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Why frequency-weight gauss meters for human-bias?

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    I have read two ideas:

    1. is that the 50/ 60Hz everyday home power supplies encourage this
    2. that the higher frequencies are disproportionally (greater) 'absorbed' than the lower...

    Please point me down the right track

    Thank you,

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    TriField Flat verses Weighted Frequency Response

    Weighted: The standard TriField Meter has a weighted frequency response that corresponds to the
    potential current that would be induced into a body. As the frequency doubles, the amount of current
    induced onto the body, over the same period of time, also doubles. The center frequency is 50Hz or 60Hz
    specified at the time of order to correspond to the line frequency in your area/country.

    If the 60Hz meter is in the presence of a 60Hz AC magnetic field with the energy level of 10 milligauss.
    The meter will register 10 milligauss. If the same trifled meter is in the presence of a 120Hz AC magnetic
    field with an energy level of 10 milligauss, the meter will register 20 milligauss, indicating the relative
    induced energy impact on the body.

    Flat: The flat TriField meter measurers the energy level present independent of the frequency of the
    energy, provided that the frequency of the energy is between 30Hz and 1000Hz. This meter is
    recommended for applications that are not related to the potential induced energy impact on a human body.

    Frequency of a AC
    Magnetic Field with a
    level of 10 milligauss

    Standard TriField 60Hz
    Meter Response

    Flat TriField Meter

    30Hz 5 Milligauss 10 Milligauss
    60Hz 10 Milligauss 10 Milligauss
    120Hz 20 Milligauss 10 Milligauss
    240Hz 40 Milligauss 10 Milligauss
    480Hz 80 Milligauss 10 Milligauss

    Frequency of a AC
    Magnetic Field with a
    level of 10 milligauss

    Standard TriField 50Hz
    Meter Response

    Flat TriField Meter

    30Hz 6 Milligauss 10 Milligauss
    50Hz 10 Milligauss 10 Milligauss
    100Hz 20 Milligauss 10 Milligauss
    200Hz 40 Milligauss 10 Milligauss
    400Hz 80 Milligauss 10 Milligauss
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    ...measure energy independent of its frequency..?
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    Welcome to the PF. Could you please post more background information for your question? What are you asking? Are you asking why 50/60 Hz is chosen over some other frequency for AC Mains power distribution? Or are you asking about something having to do with shock currents in humans that come in contact with AC Mains voltages?
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    I'm trying to contrast frequency-weighted with flat gauss meters and assess their qualities in measuring everyday electrical appliance EMFs that can induce current within the body..?
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