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Best oscilloscope for home and office wiring?

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    I wonder if there is a ranking of oscilloscopes by an independent organization, which compares them for different uses? Well, I am a newbie looking for one at a lower cost for home and office inspection.

    It would be nice if it were simple to use! Apparently the G/S or Stetzer meter can just be plugged in, but it has a narrow range (50 or 60 Hz). I'm not sure if I understand this correctly, but I read somewhere it doesn't catch all transients at all frequencies, especially considering the rapid rise of hertz in office equipment. I'm also not sure if there are other ways to measure and pinpoint transients in the wiring.

    From what I have read, transients can flow out into the air, and I wonder, too, if it is possible to measure transients just in the air, without having to plug in the oscilloscope?

    Wish I knew more on this topic, but I believe this is a topic of growing interest for the public. I'm also curious about finding a good gauss or tesla meter. I posted a question on this, some research, and possible answer underneath the thread on why gauss meters have different readings.

    In any case, what might be a useful oscilloscope for home and office inspection of transients in the wiring?
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