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Why same current flows through resistors in series?

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    If two or more resistors are connected in series, isn't the current through each resistor supposed to be different due to their different resistances? But this does not occur. Is this because, if the drift velocity of the electrons through the different resistors were different, then charge would tend to build up at certain points on the circuit, due to the differences in velocity. This is not physically possible and would also probably violate Kirchhoff's law.

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    Thank you very much.
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    Current is indeed constant throughout the circuit. Think it this way-
    Theres a lane(conductor) on which cars(electrons) are travelling. Lane is completely filled. If you put a speedbreaker anywhere, all the cars would eventually slow down due to the fact that the cars infront of each would slow down. So cars everywhere would have same "driftvelocity".
    Cheers! :)
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