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Will a PRV operate at zero-flow condition?

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    I am working on a project that involves the hydraulic design of a potable water transmission line (diameter 500mm), that conveys water from the source location of elevation 1500m to the end point at an elevation of 950m. The hydraulic design requires several PRVs along the path (around 230Km long), but we are currently considering the following operational issue: in the event of maintenance and the necessity to shut down the pipe, will the PRVs continue to operate at zero-flow condition? Or will the static water pressure within the pipe reach 55bars (due to difference of elevation between the supply and end point)? If the PRVs do not operate at zero-flow, is there a different type of valve that provides a solution to this problem?
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    Yes, the RV's will operate at the given set pressure regardless of flow rate.
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