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Will grad school look at your GPA differently than your undergrad uni?

  1. Apr 16, 2013 #1
    At my university, they calculate gpa without the +- system. So if i got 90s (A-) in all of my classes i would have a 4.0. In general, when applying to grad school, will they look at the gpa my university says i have or will some of them calculate it to be a 3.6?
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    No one? I feel like this is a decent question...
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    Vanadium 50

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    A couple reasons for why there may not be an answer.

    Demanding an answer in a time window is rude. People here are volunteers, and often have other things to do. Complaining that these volunteers aren't answering you fast enough is not likely to make someone rush out and provide an answer.

    If you are thinking about graduate school, you have enough physics knowledge to help other people. A quick search shows how often you actually do. People who are contributing their own time and effort tend to get more responses than people who are not.

    Nobody can read an individual committee's mind.

    You should get the best grades you can, and stop worrying about whether the graduate school will be taking the square root of the logarithm of fractional part of the GPA. The one thing you have control over is your grades - make them as good as possible.
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