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Wire loop area induction sensor

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    Hi, i'm working on an idea and i need some guidance

    say i have a wire loop of a single wire (not solenoid) the area of the loop is about 1-2 cm^2
    now say i change the area of the loop slightly by about 0.1%-0.01%
    could i measure with today's electronics this slight change of L

    thanks in advance
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    I would say yes, especially if you are looking for a relative change (versus absolute accuracy). What is the application?
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    Even with yesterday's electronics. Build an oscillator around this inductor, observe the frequency variation. Other parts will need to be stable, and you should limit the coupling of the LC circuit with the rest.

    Such a coil is usable at 432Hz. An oscillator built around it would drift by 0.5*432kHz or 0.5*43kHz: very easy to observe, and such a stability is not a miracle.
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