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Wirebonding - minimum contact area

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    I am designing a mask for a chip which might be used for wirebonding.
    What is the minimum contact area for wirebonding using a microscope and microprobe?
    Currently my contact pads are 220 x 220 um. Is that big enough?
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    There should be design rules for this in your process design guidelines. What DFM (design for manufacturability) documents do you have access to for this process?
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    The required bond pad size is dependent on the wire bonder and wire size. 220 x 220 is pretty large , but I have no idea what your bonder requires.

    For example, the ball size (assuming ball bonding) may be 3 times the wire size and maybe you are using 1mil wire (25um) so the ball is 75um. You want the ball to be no more than 75% of the pad so that gives a min size of 100um. But the accuracy of the bonder (and possibly its operator) needs to be considered also.
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