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Wirelessly Triggering a transistor

  1. Feb 18, 2008 #1
    I use my computer alot for watching movies and at night i really dont like getting up and having to manually hit the power switch, so i was thinking it could be possible to do it wireless.

    Now i have a general concept here, maybe an IR reciever going to the base, a line feeding from the power supply somehow connecting to the collector, and the emitter tied to the PS_ON line. Connecting the +v from the power supply and the PS_on is the same as pushing the power button.

    The only thing is im not sure how to make the recieving LED trigger the transistor... directly hooking it up sounds way to simple...

    any ideas? or IS it that simple?
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    Simplest way is to use an encoder/decoder pair...

    You need an encoder to generate a pattern that only the decoder will respond to, rather than all the IR devices in your bedroom (tv, video, dvd player etc etc).

    Holtek do some suitable encoder/decoder pairs, HT12A, HT12D, HT12E, HT12F...

    Download the datasheets from their site & see if they are suitable.
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