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Wiring a 6 channel audio with a 2 channel RCA

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    Hi folks, I'm wanting to buy a PS3 but have nowhere to plug in my audio except through a 5.1 system that's already being used by my PC. So, I decided to make a little box to wire up the two together and switch between them. But I'm having trouble with the switch... here's a nice picture in paint of what I want to do:

    Audio Interface.png

    The 6 channel in and out are both sets of 3 3.5mm stereo phone jacks (female) and the RCA is well... RCA left & right female. The RCA would be wired the appropriate left or right side for all 3 output jacks, giving stereo sound through all speakers

    I figured I needed a SPDT switch, but how do I wire up a switch to change between sets of wires that need to stay independent of each other?
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    Just to follow up, this is what I came up with:


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