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WM_LBUTTONDOWN for edit controls?

  1. May 6, 2008 #1
    Hi, I have 4 edit control boxes that I need to except the WM_LBUTTONDOWN message to set focus to them when clicked with the mouse. I have the setfocus events working perfectly. I even manipulated the OnOK override event with the "Enter" key to go to the next edit control box when pressed and send the SetFocus() to them. I just need to know how to set the focus to the edit control when the edit control is clicked with the mouse? If you need a scenario of the problem I would be more than happy to give one. I am using VS2005 C++ and MFC. Thanx In Advance!!!
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    I suggest
    you can go to the codeguru.com or codeproject.com to post these question on their forums.
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