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edIT (born Edward Ma) is an American electronic music producer and DJ based in Los Angeles, California. He is a member of The Glitch Mob.

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  1. Math Amateur

    Scan Text from book ... edit text and then Post the edited scan

    Some time ago I used to scan text from books, edit the text, and then post the text ... often in the middle of my typed input text ... Health worries forced me to cease posting ... Happily i am now returning to posting on the physics forum ... Can someone please help me regarding posting text...
  2. gmax137

    Quoting another post in an EDIT

    This is not working for me - when I edit one of my posts, the "Insert Quotes" button is not shown. I never noticed this until recently. Maybe it has always been like this, and I just never tried to add a quote in an Edit. Or am I doing something wrong? EDIT: Well that works... Thanks...
  3. D

    How do I edit the text of foreground service notifications?

    Hi everyone I'd like to make a timer that continues to run on the lock screen after the power button is pressed. I thought I could use a foreground notification for this and used code from this page: In particular, I thought I could modify the following lines of code: Notification.Builder...
  4. M

    Stick is broken randomly EDIT TWICE, what is expected length of small side?

    Cut the stick twice, at locations ##x## and ##y##. Assume ##y>x##. The lengths of the stick are ##x,y-x,1-y##. Assume ##x < y-x \implies y> 2x## and ##x<1-y \implies y < 1-x##. These two boundaries intersect at ##x = 1/3##. Thus the following integral should yield the expected value for ##x##...
  5. mcastillo356

    Edit: how to colour an edited formula

    Hi PF How to colour the edited formula? Greetings!
  6. Spinnor

    What is going on, type post, edit, overwrite my text sometimes

    Sometimes when I type and edit a post my editing actually overwrites what I have written and other times text is not overwritten but adds extra text. The first case makes editing harder. Is this something I have control over? I apologize if I have not made myself clear. Does it have something to...
  7. AnnM

    Edit: Why is the work lower when a reaction becomes irreversible?

    According to a trusted source (a textbook, if you must know), the actual Gibbs free energy of an otherwise reversible reaction, becomes lower than expected if the local circumstances makes the reaction effectively irreversible. The circumstances are that neither enough energy, nor a reaction...
  8. Y

    How to edit and reduce the size of .MP4 files

    Hi Anyone can give me a safe link to reduce the size of .MP4 file ( of cause reduce quality). Also any program to cut and paste .MP4 files...Like editing the video? I saw some when I google, I want to play it safe and get links from here where people have experience with. Thanks Alan
  9. L

    Need upgrade for computer to edit 4K video

    I have a camera that can shoot in 4K video, but trying to edit the footage is very laggy and my computer won't export the footage in 4K. I'd like to upgrade the computer I have instead of buying a whole new one. But I'm not sure what exactly I need to upgrade and what to upgrade it to. My...
  10. G

    Use Google docs to edit equations using the built-in equation editor

    Homework Statement:: use google docs to edit equations using the built-in equation editor (cursor positioning) Homework Equations:: https://docs.google.com https://www.physicsforums.com/help/latexhelp/ Problem: enter an equation using Google docs equation editor, the later goal being: to send...
  11. W

    Excel: Need to Edit Activate Add-Ins Each time I use Them

    Hi All, I am doing a linear regression in Excel 2007. It is not available within the usual settings so I must. Edit: activate , an add-in called (Duh) Edit' Analysis Toolpak' What seems strange is that I have to install it each time I use it so that it seems to be installed only when the...
  12. T

    Bug Cancel Button Missing in Edit - More Options

    In Edit - More Options, the "CANCEL" button is absent. Is closing the tab/window the only way to abort?
  13. blue_leaf77

    Suggestion Option to notify others about a revision in one's post

    Sometimes you realize you made mistakes or wanted to add something more to make your message more transparent in the response you have posted. We can do that using "edit" function. Just that, if the revision concerns something essential (e.g. typo or technical mistakes in equations) for the...
  14. W

    MySQL DDL Column Edit is Disabled. Why?

    Hi All, I am using MySQL in order to design an ERD (Entity Relation Diagram) , and I can make use of indexes, triggers, etc. but for some reason, the columns tab , which allows me to add data or just edit the tables is disabled. I have searched online without success. Any ideas on how to enable...
  15. E

    How to write a physical paper (Edit: "physics paper")

    Can you give me some links, how to write a physical paper, for instance about theoretical physics. I found a book "Science Research Writing for Non-Native Speakers of English" written by Hilary Glasman-Deal, but it is more general, not only for theoretical physics.
  16. wingingit

    Edit Button Gone After Posting? 24 Hour Post Edit Period

    I put up a long post late last night. In the light of the day, there are some edits I'd like to make, but the "Edit" button is gone from the bottom. Everywhere I've looked said we have 24 hours to edit, and it's only been 6. I'm definitely logged in as me, because I used my own Content page...
  17. M

    Find closest possible points between lines? (vectors)? Edit

    Homework Statement [/B] Find points P,Q which are closest possible with P lying on the line x=8+1t y=8+1t z=7−3t and Q lying on the line x=231−6t y=−10−17t z=71−13t 3. Attempt at solution Hi, I am at loss as to how to do this. I know that from the equations I can get point (8,8,7) and...
  18. S

    Probability problem (#of ways to seat a couple) *edit: solved*

    update: *edit: solved! I counted everything twice. Homework Statement How many ways are there to seat 10 people, consisting of 5 couples, in a row of seats (10 seats wide) if all couples are to get adjacent seats? The Attempt at a Solution I'm trying to look calculate it...
  19. W

    MATLAB MATLAB GUI Edit text to Matrix

    0 down vote favorite share [g+] share [fb] share [tw] Hi...I'm the beginner. I want to ask, how to put edit text to matrix? For example, I have 30 edit text that will fill by number 0 - 1. I want to make matrix x(1,1),...x(1,30) from the input of edit text. I have tried this code ...
  20. 1

    MATLAB [MatLab] Edit Delete Help with ion beam with many charge states

    I'm simulating an ion beam with different charge states passing through two pinholes. I'm using random angles, from an external function, to evaluate the velocity components along the axes and solving the differential equation: O=[0 0 0]'; f = @(t,ys) [ys(4:6); O]...
  21. D

    Excel VBA change (or edit ) links Macro

    Excel VBA change (or "edit") links Macro I have a Excel spreadsheet that has several links in it which I need to change to a different computer/user. The links are all the same and to change the source I have to go to "Edit Links" and manually change the location to the specific location on my...
  22. A

    Edit: sorry about the title, it was warped when I pressed Control + z

    Edit: sorry about the title, it was warped when I pressed Control + z a few times. This is a question about monomials. Homework Statement How do I simplify (2n)4 + 2n4? Homework Equations N/A The Attempt at a Solution The problem I'm having is with the parenthesis. So really I...
  23. C

    Edit Wikipedia: Who Writes & What Have They Contributed?

    Who here writes on wikipedia? What have you written or significantly contributed to?
  24. C

    EDIT: Guys I just need someone to take me under their wing for a

    EDIT: Guys I just need someone to take me under their wing for a little while so I can understand a few things you are saying on the forums. Hey, my name is Charles Bray (14 years old) I currently live in Canberra, Australia. I have a huge urge to lean to astrophysics when I'm older, I love...
  25. A

    How to edit fields in explorer

    Hi everyone, I own a pc with Windows 7 and I need help to organize my files, specially the folders with articles and books. What I want to do is to edit the ‘author’ field. This way I can search books by this parameter if they have common names such as "Quantum Mechanics Vol I" I could do...
  26. B

    LaTeX LaTeX Code Distorsion in Forum Edit Mode

    Hi. When I write my LaTeX code in this forum, it appears completely distorsionated when I click "Preview Changes" in edit mode. For example: n^2(\rho) = n^2_0\left(1-\alpha^2\rho^2)\right) is shown as a "z" if previously I wrote z. In fact, I don't know if this post will be shown well...
  27. S

    Can someone edit my g-force paper

    Can someone edit my paper on g-force. I just need you to look for proper terminology usage and if anything needs clearing up. Also if you have any suggestions it'll be greatly appreciated http://rapidshare.com/files/424446844/Math_IA.docx
  28. R

    MATLAB Matlab GUI: putting several edit text inputs in one matrix

    Matlab GUI: putting several "edit text" inputs in one matrix Hi, I'm making a Matlab GUI that will ultimately send data to a robot. I have about 60 numbers being 6 polynomials of 10 terms. My "edit text"-boxes are currently named motG_RN_0 where the R can also be an S or a T and the N can also...
  29. V

    Write and edit your own book now

    I am a college student interested in writing as a career. I am particularly interested in autobiographical writing. But before I do that I need to polish my writing skills. I need help in that .
  30. U

    Any free that can record and edit simultaneously?

    VirtualDub is nice for recording and reasonable for editing but it cannot do the two simultaneously. Or can it? Any free software that can so the two simultaneously, that is, edit an .avi while it is being recorded?
  31. S

    WM_LBUTTONDOWN for edit controls?

    Hi, I have 4 edit control boxes that I need to except the WM_LBUTTONDOWN message to set focus to them when clicked with the mouse. I have the setfocus events working perfectly. I even manipulated the OnOK override event with the "Enter" key to go to the next edit control box when pressed and...
  32. honestrosewater

    Adventures in Photoshop: My First Curve Edit!

    I'm playing in Photoshop with some pictures that I just took. I'm pretty comfortable manipulating histograms with the levels tool, but I couldn't figure out how to fix this one (I was experimenting with spot metering in the photo). So I finally just edited my first photo using...
  33. Saladsamurai

    Edit to Tangential Accelerationmissing point

    Homework Statement If a car drives around a race track constructed such that two arcs of radius A=80m and Radius B=40m are joined by two stretches of straight track at a constant speed of 50 m/s, what is the ratio of the tangential accelerations A to B...Meaning asking for the ratio of the...
  34. ranger

    MATLAB Create a GUI with GUIDE - Can You Edit the Output?

    Whenever we use GUIDE to create a GUI, GUIDE generates an m-file. Now, is it possible for one to use this m-file generated by GUIDE to re-edit the GUI? I mean say I downloaded an m-file from the internet which has a GUI interface. Can I use GUIDE to edit the m-file and "tweak" the interface to...
  35. D

    Forever Exist: Does Time Have Meaning for God?

    Im sorry i had to post this a third time but apparently the last 2 didn't go through and i am unable to delete them. Admins, if you would remove them i would appreciate it. Thank you. No worries! Ok i read the religious guidelines and i think this falls under them but if not feel free to...
  36. K

    Is there a way to delete or edit posts?

    There are some things that I have said that I wish I wouldn't have. Is there any way to change this?
  37. I

    Is The Elegant Universe a Bridge Between Quantum Physics and Relativity?

    Can someone edit this... I'm currently working on a book report. I have chosen the book "The Elegant Universe" for by project. I am required to " answer the following questions; what is the book about , who are the characters, what is their motivation, plot complications, what is your personal...
  38. B

    Edit pictures I made with Photoshop

    I just started recently to edit pictures I made with Photoshop. Now is there somebody who is a Photoshop-King and can give some good tips to make my pics more intressting ? Is there a good place where I could upload my pics ? Uploaded all my pics on ...